2017 Referral Program – Receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Referral Program

With Our Referral Program You’ll Receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card For Referring a Team to SwimTopia

With our new referral program any SwimTopia user who refers a team receives a $20 Amazon Gift Card when the team becomes a SwimTopia customer*.

It’s easy to participate, just tell your friends about us on Facebook, email folks you know that are involved in running a swim team and tell them about us, or mention us at your next League meeting. When teams sign up for a free trial there’s a field where we ask who referred them. The team simply has to put your name in that field. As a SwimTopia user, we have a contact email for you in our system so it’ll be easy for us to follow up with your $20 Amazon Gift Card when the team you referred converts to a paying customer.

See below for some templates you can customize and share. We look forward to saying thanks with a $20 Amazon Gift Card when you help spread the word about SwimTopia!

*Terms and Conditions

The Referral Program begins Jan 1, 2017 and applies to teams that are referred after that date. The referrer must be a current or past SwimTopia user. Referred teams must be new to SwimTopia. The Amazon Gift Card will be emailed to the address we have on file for the referrer at the time we receive payment from the referred team. We reserve the right to modify or end the Referral Program at any time. If you believe you referred a team to SwimTopia after Jan 1, 2017, and did not receive an Amazon Gift Card please contact [email protected] and let us know.

Referral Templates

Feel free to use these as is, or modify them so they sound more like you, or create your own from scratch. You can also like us on Facebook and share our posts on your timeline, and follow us on Twitter.

Facebook post:
Hey, swim team friends, have a look into SwimTopia if you want to make managing your team easier this summer! Our team uses SwimTopia and we love it! [If you want to, specify what you love.] Let them know I sent you if you decide to sign up and PM me if you have any questions about it!

Email to your League list serve or contacts:
Hi ____,

Our team has used SwimTopia for __ seasons and we love it. It makes managing our team so much easier. [Give a couple of specific examples about what you like about us].

Let them know I sent you if you decide to sign up and reach out to me if you have any questions about using it! They run a weekly webinar if you want to learn more [link to https://www.swimtopia.com/sign-up-for-demo/ ] or contact their sales team if you have questions [link to https://www.swimtopia.com/contact/contact-sales/ ].

Give them a try – they really helped my team!

Your name

Your team’s name [Link to your team’s SwimTopia site]