Referral Program – Receive a 10% Credit Towards Your Team’s Next Renewal

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10% Off Your Team’s Next Renewal For Every Team You Refer! (Yes, Refer 10 Teams and Your Team is Free!)

In appreciation of our avid fans and biggest advocates, the SwimTopia referral program is designed to save your team money. It’s easy to participate, just tell your friends about us on Facebook, email folks you know that are involved in running a swim team and tell them about us, or mention us at your next league meeting.

How the SwimTopia Referral Program Works

There’s a field on the sign up form where we ask if someone referred the new team. When a new team signs up for new service and they tell us they heard about SwimTopia from your team (or someone associated with your team), we’ll add a credit to your SwimTopia account equal to 10% of your previous annual subscription. You can earn a 10% credit for each team you refer, and there is no limit on the number of teams you can refer. Any credits earned are taken off your next annual renewal invoice.

In the event multiple teams are listed as referring a new team, the 10% credit will be divided equally among the listed teams. Credits are not transferable or refundable.

Thank you for supporting SwimTopia!

If you have any questions about the SwimTopia referral program please email [email protected].