Announcing Introductory Pricing for New Teams

SwimTopia pays for itself

Introductory Pricing Replaces Previous Early Bird Discount

In 2020 SwimTopia is offering discounted introductory pricing for all new teams. Our introductory pricing makes it easier for teams to get started with SwimTopia—and ensure they see value for money—before being asked to pay full price. Once teams begin using SwimTopia it’s much easier for team admins to understand all the ways that SwimTopia can actually help their team make more money.

In light of our change to an introductory discount that will be offered all year, we are removing our Early Bird promotion, which has run in the past during the fall. Our Early Bird promotion previously included a 10% renewal discount for existing SwimTopia teams that renewed during the Early Bird period. So, with the removal of the Early Bird discount in 2020 we’ll be shifting annual renewal invoices to the anniversary of teams’ original invoicing. 

For some teams, those that originally signed up during the Early Bird period, this means your invoice date won’t change. For other teams, those that shifted their renewal to the fall to get the discount, this means your invoice renewal will return to the anniversary of your original signup date. All renewal invoices will now be charged at the full price, unless your team has referred another team that became a SwimTopia customer within the last year.

Don’t Forget our Referral Discount

This is a great time to remember our cumulative referral discount, which is a 20% credit towards your next renewal per team you refer (yep, that means if you refer 5 teams your team gets SwimTopia for free!). Now that SwimTopia has introductory pricing in the first year for all teams, it’s always a good time to refer your friends.

While you’re thinking about your renewal invoice make sure to update your team’s Billing Contact email address in your SwimTopia team site. You can update your Billing Contact by logging into SwimTopia then going to Manage Team > Settings > Billing Contact. Please ensure your Billing Contact is up-to-date and the email address listed is monitored all year round. To ensure invoices don’t go into spam folders we recommend the Billing Contact add [email protected] as a contact in their email client.

8/25/20 Update: introductory pricing has ended.