Early Bird Discount 2017/2018 – Plan Ahead and Save!

Happy swimmers Early Bird Discount 2017

UPDATED: Due to multiple requests for more time from Swim-Team.US teams and leagues switching to SwimTopia this season, and teams in areas affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we have extended our Early Bird Discount 2017 deadline this year to October 31st for all teams.


For most Summer teams, the 2017 swim season is finally winding down, if not already over. Hopefully your season was fun and ran smoothly. We want to make sure 2018 is even better! SwimTopia will reward you for planning ahead with our Early Bird Discount 2017. Start a trial for a new SwimTopia account by October 31 and get 20% off, or renew early and get 10% off your yearly subscription.

Teams New to SwimTopia Save 20% During Our Early Bird Discount

If you’ve been thinking about making a change to how you manage your team, and you’re ready to upgrade to our easy to use, online platform, fall is the perfect time to commit to improving how your team is run in 2018! Teams that sign up for our two week free trial by October 31 will receive 20% off. You can see pricing information on our website, just choose the type of team you have (summer or high school) from the “Teams” tab and click on the link (or scroll down) to “Pricing”. Your SwimTopia subscription keeps your team’s website up and running all year round, so signing up in the fall has you covered for your 2018 swim season!

After 14 days Summer/Rec teams that sign up for our free trial will receive an invoice for the ‘base plan’ closest to the number of athletes they include on their sign up form. High school and middle school teams are invoiced a flat fee per school. The invoices have Net 30 day terms. Teams must pay their invoices in full within 30 days in order to qualify for the 20% off Early Bird Discount for new teams. Summer/Rec teams may receive a second invoice when their swim season registration closes the following June for the exact number of ‘extra athletes’ they had over the base number, if any. (This second invoice will also reflect the 20% off Early Bird Discount).

Teams Returning to SwimTopia Save 10% When They Renew During Our Early Bird Discount

As you close out the 2017 swim season be sure to keep some money in the budget to plan ahead and save. Renew early for the 2018 swim season and you’ll be rewarded with a 10% discount. Simply email [email protected] with your team name and billing contact details before October 31 to receive your invoice for the 2018 season. You’ll be sent an invoice for the ‘base plan’ closest to the number of athletes you had registered in 2017. Teams must pay this invoice in full within 30 days in order to qualify for the 10% off Early Bird Discount for returning teams.

Get a $20 Amazon Gift Card for Every Team You Refer

We make capturing referrals easy. Our online signup form includes a question asking “How did you hear about SwimTopia?” with the note “Were you referred by someone? If so, please provide their name so we can thank them!”

When a new team signs up for new service and they tell us they heard about SwimTopia from you, we’ll send you a $20 Amazon Gift card via email. There is no limit on the number of teams you can refer. However, you must be a current or previous SwimTopia user. Learn more about our Referral Program.

Sign up, or renew, and save in 2018!