Spread the Word About Meet Maestro and Save

Refer Meet Maestro and save 20%

Did you know that any team can sign up for a Meet Maestro account through the end of July 2021 for free? And if you refer Meet Maestro to another team, your team can save 20% off your next renewal! Whether that’s the year-round team your kids swim for, their high school team, or any other team, Meet Maestro is a great solution for fast and easy swim meets.

Requiring no training, teams using Meet Maestro can set up and run meets with ease. Whether they’re swimming against other teams at live or virtual swim meets, or they’re holding their own team’s time trial, Meet Maestro is a perfect solution for teams running meets with the Dolphin timing system or stopwatches (touchpad integration is coming soon).

During this difficult time, we know that many teams are trying to find ways to get their kids racing again. We’ve made Meet Maestro free through the end of the year to make it accessible to all teams.

The Only Solution That Combines Virtual Meet Results in Real Time

Live Virtual Meet FeaturesIf you know of teams that are looking to run virtual swim meets, Meet Maestro is the best solution. With Meet Maestro, each team can swim simultaneously in their home pool and the results are combined to score and place the meet as events are swum. Only Meet Maestro allows swimmers, parents, and coaches to follow the action in real time. With the SwimTopia mobile app, results, places, and scores appear as soon as the data entry is complete for each event from each participating team. And there is no limit to the number of teams that can swim in the same meet. To take advantage of the live meet features, each team must use Meet Maestro at their home pool, so our free Meet Maestro accounts and our referral discount make it a win/win for all the teams involved!

Read more about Meet Maestro and virtual meets.

More on How the Referral Program Works

There’s a field on our signup form where we ask “How did you hear about Meet Maestro?” When a new team tells us they heard about Meet Maestro from your team (or a person associated with your team*) and then goes on to become a customer, you’ll receive a credit equal to 20% of your previous annual SwimTopia subscription, or 20% of your Meet Maestro account renewal.** 

You can earn a 20% credit for each team you refer, and there is no limit on the number of teams you can refer. Any credits earned are taken off your next annual renewal invoice. 

In the event multiple teams are listed as referring a new team, the 20% credit will be divided equally among the listed teams. Credits are not transferable or refundable.

And if you know of any teams who are interested in SwimTopia for full team management, you can also earn 20% off for referring teams to SwimTopia (and Meet Maestro is included in the price of SwimTopia). See more about our SwimTopia referral program for swim team management.


*The person or team listed as the referring team must be a SwimTopia or Meet Maestro account holder at the time of referral to qualify their team for the discount.

**Starting August of 2021, we’ll be charging $150/yr per team for a stand-alone Meet Maestro account. Once a team you refer converts to a paying customer, your team will receive 20% off their next SwimTopia or Meet Maestro renewal.