Free E-Book: Swim Team Volunteer Management

Free E-Book: Swim Team Volunteer Management

Are your meets a little chaotic and disorganized? Do they often run late? Do you have to plead and cajole parents to help, and do you only ever see the same people stepping up each week? If so, it could be time for an overhaul of your swim team volunteer management practices. This e-book is for you!

Better organized volunteers mean MORE FUN for everyone. It’s time to create a culture of volunteerism. With thousands of swim teams on our platform, we’ve pulled the best volunteer tips and insights based on real-life experience.

  1. Create a Plan (How to Calculate Your Team’s Volunteer Needs)
  2. Set Expectations
  3. Arm Parents with Information
  4. Set Volunteers Up for Success
  5. Reward and Acknowledge Volunteers
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SwimTopia’s Top Tips For Better Swim Team Volunteer Management

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