Make the Switch from TeamUnify™

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Switch from TeamUnify™ to SwimTopia

50% Off Your First Year*

It’s time to simplify your life and switch to swim software that’s comprehensive and easy to use — for your admins and your parents. SwimTopia and Meet Maestro offer intuitive interfaces that are unrivaled in the swim software market. You’ll finally have a swim team website you’ll be able to easily pass on to the next set of team admins! With our 50% discount for current TeamUnify customers, there has never been a better time to try SwimTopia and see why so many teams love us.

Past TeamUnify customers do the best job of explaining why it’s time to give SwimTopia a try:

Swim Meet Management Meet Maestro Data Entry Screen

“Over the past three years I had been using TeamUnify. SwimTopia is SO much more user friendly and has everything that a coach needs in one place. There is no comparison between the two programs, SwimTopia blows TeamUnify out of the water. Also, I am very impressed with the customer service and willingness of SwimTopia to help answer any questions or teach people how to use the site.”

—Michael E., Head Coach, Lake Marion Lasers

Check Out SwimTopia and See Why So Many Customers Make the Switch

SwimTopia was primarily built for summer league and high school swim teams, so the software and companion mobile app have all the features your team is looking for, without all the features you don’t need.

  • Take a Tour of the key features that help make running your swim team so much easier with SwimTopia. 
  • Check out our comparison page if you’d like to see more about how SwimTopia compares to TeamUnify.
  • Or sign up for an interactive demo webinar. We run webinars weekly, and demonstrate all of SwimTopia’s main features.

Note: SwimTopia software currently provides a comprehensive team and meet management solution for summer, recreational, and high school swim teams. SwimTopia’s year round software is coming soon.

50% Off the First Year for TeamUnify Customers

It’s time to give SwimTopia a try! For a limited time, TeamUnify customers who switch to SwimTopia receive 50% off for the first year. And we’re so confident you’ll love SwimTopia we’ll even give you your money back if you decide not to stay with us after the first year.

No setup fees. No hidden fees.

*Sign up for a free trial by May 1, 2020, to qualify. Must have an active TeamUnify website.

Pricing: Summer/Rec Teams

1st year
Includes 50 Athletes
+$2.75 / extra athlete
+$1.37 / extra athlete
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1st year
Includes 100 Athletes
+$2.50 / extra athlete
+$1.25 / extra athlete
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1st year
Includes 150 Athletes
+$2.50 / extra athlete
+$1.25 / extra athlete
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1st year
Includes 200 Athletes
+$2.25 / extra athlete
+$1.12 / extra athlete
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1st year
Includes 300 Athletes
+$2.00 / extra athlete
+$1.00 / extra athlete
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Payment processing fees of 2.9% plus 30¢ per transaction are charged by the payment processor to accept online credit card payments.

Pricing: High School & Middle School Teams

TeamUnify promotional pricing for your Middle School or High School swim team is $250 $125 per school for the first year. If your school has separate boys and girls teams, both teams are included under a single subscription.

Payment processing fees of 2.9% plus 30¢ per transaction are charged by the payment processor to accept online credit card payments.

Getting Started with SwimTopia

  • Simply fill out the 2-week free trial signup form using the setup code “SWITCH”, and input your current TeamUnify URL in the appropriate field for verification purposes.
  • You’ll receive an activation email to set up your username and password on your new SwimTopia team website, and a Welcome Email with tips on getting started, including links to all our support resources to help you get set up and running quickly and easily.
  • We’ll send an invoice at the end of the 2-week free trial, unless we hear from you that you’d like to cancel before that. You may keep trying us out during the Net 30 Day invoice terms and can still cancel within that time with no penalty.

There is no payment method needed to get started, and no setup fee.

So don’t be shy! There is no obligation to continue, so you might as well see what everyone is talking about and experience the SwimTopia difference for yourself.

1. Must be a current TeamUnify customer. Teams must include their current URL for verification on the signup form.
2. The TeamUnify 50% off “Switch” promotion cannot be combined with SwimTopia’s introductory pricing.
3. Must signup before midnight on May 1, 2020.
4. One year from the date of your initial invoice you’ll receive your first annual renewal notice. If you decide to return to TeamUnify within the 30 day billing-period of your renewal, you’ll receive all your money back for your first year with SwimTopia. Cancelations after the first renewal invoice billing-period ends will not qualify for any refund.

We are happy to provide references to teams that have used both systems so that you can ask directly why they chose SwimTopia over TeamUnify.

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Thank you so much SwimTopia! I have been so impressed with your customer service as we have started using your site this year! I so appreciate all the help and we have already discovered so many ways that your system is going to make managing our summer swim team easier!
Lara M.Westfield Waves