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About Us

The team at SwimTopia has decades of combined experience with swim and sports teams, we understand just what it takes to run a swim program.

We want to solve more headaches for the swim community, and solve them better than they’ve been solved before. We strive to help make the sport of swimming easy, fun and accessible.

Our Story

SwimTopia was originally created in 2010 by Mason Hale after he was recruited to be the “computer guy” for his kids swim team. Mason was astonished to discover how time-consuming and hard running a swim team really was. Disappointed by available solutions, he was determined to save time and frustration for himself and others. Born from Summer League swimming roots, SwimTopia was designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, and to save swim coaches, administrators, and volunteers time and effort.

Our Team

Mason Hale

CEO & Founder

Brian Moeskau

Director, Engineering

Elli Overton

Director, Sales & Marketing

Tracy Nelson

Director, Customer Success

David Proft

Software Engineer

Sabin Hertanu

Software Engineer

Edwin Ramirez

Software Engineer

Maria Le

Software Engineer

Mariah Harper

Sales Growth Specialist

Max Lucas

Marketing Specialist

Nikki Worley

Customer Success Operations Specialist

Paige Hansen

Customer Happiness Specialist

Amy Bedford

Customer Happiness Specialist

Nathan Roller

Customer Happiness Specialist

Robin Winston

Customer Happiness Specialist

Megan Hubbard

Customer Happiness Specialist


Gordon Daugherty

President, Capital Factory Director, Team Topia

Joel Trammell

Chairman Emeritus, Austin Technology Council Co-founder & Managing Partner, Lone Rock Technology Group

Peter Eckert

Founder & Chief Experience Officer, projekt202

Brooke Walker

Investor/Advisor Former COO at Deloitte Digital and VP at Ubermind Director, Team Topia

Kevin Cunningham

Founder and Former President, Sailpoint Technologies

Andrew Huck

President, Gulfstream Ventures

Nainish Dalal

Principal, Kickdrum

Mark Metz

Founder and CEO, Relutech


Value-creation engineers

Russell Hinds

Managing Director, RSH Ventures

Mellie Price

Founder & Managing Director, Source Spring

Capital Factory

Startup Incubator


Bryan Jones

Founder/Managing Director, Strive & Solve Ventures Director, Team Topia

Michael Trafton

Director, Capital Factory

Nate Pruitt

Winery Owner, Business Advisor, Inbound Marketing Consultant

Scott Morris

President, SAM Consulting LLC

In The Press

Mason Hale

CEO & Founder

Mason has been leading teams creating innovative software products for more than 20 years. He was Chief Technology Officer at OneSpot and Chief Technologist at Frog Design, where he created web and software solutions for clients including Microsoft, HP, Dell, Motorola, SAP, Disney and T-Mobile (among others). Mason was a year-round swimmer and captain of his high school swim team and was an active volunteer for his neighborhood summer league swim team for 15 years.

Brian Moeskau

Director, Engineering

Brian is a hands-on Engineering leader with more than 25 years of experience who has grown software development teams at multiple companies. He is also an entrepreneur at heart, having cofounded several companies, including Sencha (maker of the popular Ext JS framework). Outside of software, Brian is an avid musician and athlete. He used to teach swim lessons to kids, and has coached his daughter in softball, basketball and volleyball over the years.

Elli Overton

Director, Sales & Marketing

Elli is a three-time Australian Olympic Swimmer, and graduate of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.  In the years prior to joining SwimTopia, she ran her own business providing swim instruction to adults and kids and coached summer league swimming for 4 seasons. Elli authored a children’s book for young swimmers called Jay’s Swimming Journey. She also volunteered as Meet Director and Merchandise Coordinator for her kids’ summer swim team.

Tracy Nelson

Director, Customer Success

At SwimTopia Tracy combines her previous experience as a business owner, manager, and consultant with her love of swimming. Helping ensure the success of SwimTopia’s customers, Tracy oversees the Customer Happiness Team and is the league liaison for 100% SwimTopia leagues, including onboarding and training their teams. Tracy has also coached both summer and year-round swimming, and has been a swim mom and volunteer for 15 years. Tracy has supported her daughter’s progression from summer swimming in kinder to NCAA swimming.