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About Us: Mason's daughter and friends with their first ribbonsA few years ago, our founder’s young kids joined the neighborhood summer league swim team. Shortly thereafter Mason’s wife volunteered him for the position of “Computer Guy.” Being an experienced software engineer and a year-round and high school swimmer in his younger days, Mason thought, “Sure, how hard can it be?” But he soon learned the answer was, “Very hard!” His team was using painfully antiquated team management software — running on a team laptop that was passed around from one volunteer to another.

Determined to save time and frustration for himself and the other volunteers, Mason developed an online system to manage his swim team. Over several seasons Mason added new capabilities, the system evolved, and soon other teams in the area were asking if they could use it too.

During the spring and summer of 2010, Mason’s original system, created for just his team, was completely rewritten and revamped into what would become SwimTopia. Drawing from his experience building software to support some of the highest traffic websites on the internet, Mason designed this new system to leverage the scalability and security of cloud computing technology. In February 2011, SwimTopia opened its doors and made its first sales.

From these early beginnings, our product continues to evolve and our company continues to grow. Our core mission is to make software that is intuitive and easy to use. Fueled by our vision to make running a swim team LESS WORK and MORE FUN, SwimTopia has grown to support hundreds of teams from around the world, and our product has expanded to provide features and a mobile app that make life easier for swim parents and coaches everywhere.

Our Team

Mason Hale
CEO & Founder

Mason has been leading teams creating innovative software products for more than 15 years. He was Chief Technology Officer at OneSpot and Chief Technologist at Frog Design, where he created web and software solutions for clients including Microsoft, HP, Dell, Motorola, SAP, Disney and T-Mobile (among others). Mason was a year-round swimmer and captain of his high school swim team and has been an active volunteer for his neighborhood summer league swim team for the past 14 years.

Elli Overton
Director, Sales & Marketing

Elli is a three-time Australian Olympic Swimmer, and graduate of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.  In the years prior to joining SwimTopia, she ran her own business providing swim instruction to adults and kids and coached summer league swimming for 4 seasons. Elli authored a children’s book for young swimmers called Jay’s Swimming Journey. She now volunteers as Meet Director and Merchandise Coordinator for her kids’ summer swim team.

Lorin Rivers
Customer Happiness Specialist
Tracy Nelson
Customer Happiness Specialist
Patrick Hale
Customer Happiness Specialist
Traci Reece
Billing Specialist


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CEO, Khorus
Chairman Emeritus,
Austin Technology Council
Co-founder & Managing Partner,
Lone Rock Technology Group


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Director, Capital Factory
Winery Owner, Business Advisor,
Inbound Marketing Consultant
CEO, JBD Enterprises

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