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Streamline your swim team and swim meet management

With SwimTopia and Meet Maestro, you’ll find everything you need to run your swim team and your swim meets. Our web-based software is powerful and easy to use.
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We get it

It takes a lot of work to run a swim team. Your time is valuable. Who has time to learn cumbersome old software or piece together a hodgepodge of spreadsheets and half-solutions? SwimTopia is comprehensive swim team management software that makes it EASY to manage your swim team and swim meets—giving you more time to actually enjoy the swim season with your kids and your friends in the swim community. We offer several product tiers to provide the features you need at a price that fits your budget. All tiers include Meet Maestro meet software.

It shouldn’t be hard

SwimTopia solves the headaches of running swim teams, swim leagues, and swim meets

Used by over two thousand swim teams, and hundreds of swim leagues, SwimTopia swim league management software and Meet Maestro have historically targeted the needs of summer and high school swimming. We plan to add more team and meet management features to better serve the needs of year-round swim teams in the future. If your team doesn’t need monthly billing features we could be a great fit for your team. And if you’re looking to run easy timed-final swim meets check out our Lite tier to get full access to Meet Maestro.

SwimTopia and Meet Maestro:
the chosen solution for summer leagues around America

It’s EASY to Get Started with SwimTopia

We make it easy for you to get started. Start your free trial now and have your new account up and running in minutes. Our swim team management software, combined with Meet Maestro, helps you save time and hassle so you can keep the fun in your swim season.

Activate Your Free Trial

When we say free, we mean free. We don’t require any payment information at the time of signup, and you get two weeks to decide if you’ll stick with us (we hope you do!).

Customize Your Account

With your free trial, you’ll receive a fully functioning SwimTopia account with all features available for the tier you’ve selected. Get started by importing your team data so you can really test all the great features. It’s so easy to get started, we’ve had teams open registration in as little as hours after starting a free trial!

Get Your Team Off the Ground

Communicate with your team, organize swimmers into groups, and customize your registration process. If it’s related to running a team, we’ve thought of it and perfected it! Choose our Premium tier to get all our team management features in one place, including a website, volunteer management, and an online store.

Dive In!

Don’t stop there: use our revolutionary meet software, Meet Maestro, to run meets (it’s included in the price of SwimTopia!). And stay up-to-date with SwimTopia Mobile, our companion mobile app.

Start Your Free Trial Now

Give us a try, and you’ll see why SwimTopia is swim team management software you’ll love.

Why Teams and Leagues Love SwimTopia

I love the "full features" that SwimTopia provides, from hosting a website that promotes the team, to actually hosting and running a swim meet. It handles registration & waivers, purchasing of merchandise, fee payment, meet entry, and meet management. And it is so easy to use.

David B. Technology/Web Manager, Chattanooga Area Swim League

We used to use several excel spreadsheets on several computers to run our club - but now it's all incorporated into one place - SwimTopia! It all starts off with being able to have one place to look for all our swimmers, meets, parent volunteers, registration, spirit wear, and fee collection.

Doug W. Technology Manager, River Glen Swim Team

Our team has been using SwimTopia for years and it makes the interaction between all of our volunteer and paid employees very easy. We appreciate the ease of use, and the little extras that make running a yearly swim team much easier. For a summer swim team, SwimTopia does provide the best variety of applications/uses that are needed to easily, and simply, organize and run the swim team.

Heather C. Webmaster, Muirfins

We've used SwimTopia for 6 years, but in 2019 used the combined SwimTopia team management and Meet Maesto meet system. The near-seamless integration of the two very different software packages saved out team a massive amount of time and headaches. In addition, the SwimTopia staff just 'gets' swim team administration. 

Randy K. Cross Creek Krakens

SwimTopia allows our team to easily manage the team. From registration to volunteer coordination through managing meets, it makes the process so much easier.

Dave M. Lenoir City Bettas Swim Team

Coaches and administrators love Swimtopia! Entry interface for Coaches is unmatched. Team management functions are easy to use, allowing a number of administrators to get up and running quickly. User Role access also very easy to implement. Support is incredibly good, which is necessary in this space, where panicked users are, I'm sure, are a constant.

Michael S. Computer Team, Pinole Seals

We tried TeamUnify to help us manage registrations and communications and it was disastrous. The software and functionality was over-complicated. Set-up required days rather than hours. Tasks were not intuitive. Our parents literally begged us to go back to SwimTopia. SwimTopia is an actual utopia.

Beth R. Legacy Park Sharks

Going with SwimTopia was best decision we ever made. The website enables us to do team management of all aspects of our swim team. We were able to streamline registration, finally becoming paperless, stay on top of volunteer assignments, and availability of parents.

Tony S. Cedar Creek Stingrays

Last year, our summer league team adopted SwimTopia and went from four separate registration, email communication, instant communication, and team management systems to one. The functionality is intuitive, mobile and, best of all, easy to learn. Our coaches, reps, and parents have all been very pleased!

Jennifer B. Swim Team Rep, Windyrush Dolphins