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Swim Team Registration Without the Paper or the Hassle

Running swim team registration with SwimTopia is fast and simple. Our online swim team registration forms allow you to capture the data your team needs. Options include adding custom fields, accepting legally binding electronic signatures, capturing emergency and medical information, and more. It’s even possible to make your swim team registration form private while your returning swimmers register and then open it for new swimmers when you’re ready. This registration data creates the foundation for your new, integrated system.

*Features available to customers on our Premium tier

Easily Include Custom Questions

It’s simple to recreate an online version of your old paper swim team registration form with our customizable fields. Simply drag and drop your liability waiver or other information into our preformatted “Acknowledgement Sections.” Add custom questions, collect volunteer opt-out fees, capture medical information; how much you include during registration is up to you.

Sign Up Volunteers During Registration *

Every team organizes volunteer job signups a little differently. Some teams like to have team members sign up for all or most swim meet job positions, or provide their role preferences, at the beginning of the season. With our SwimTopia Premium tier, which includes comprehensive volunteer management features, it’s possible to integrate and track your volunteer signups during swim team registration–if you want to.

Download Reports on Your Registration Data

Our robust reports help you easily organize and manage your data. You can export your registration data into a CSV file for easy portability or print your electronically signed waivers for insurance purposes. We have reports to help you determine how many years swimmers have been on the team, athlete counts by age group, who’s new this year… You can even report on and email members from last year who haven’t signed up yet. Too easy!


Collect All Your Fees During Registration

We offer many flexible and customizable ways to collect team fees, including multi-swimmer discounts, out-of-residency fees, and discount codes. It’s even possible to integrate merchandise sales into registration to streamline families’ payments to the team—providing the benefit of extra fundraising.

Pay by Credit Card

All SwimTopia tiers offer credit card payments through Stripe, making it easy for your team to collect your funds fast. Credit card processing fees of 3.4% + 30c per transaction apply.

Pay by Check or Member Number*

Teams with SwimTopia Premium enjoy more flexibility during registration, and are able to accept checks or membership numbers as well as credit cards. All payment options can be switched on or off, or used in combination. Allowing team members to input a member number is helpful for country club teams in particular.

Track Family Affiliations

We keep your family information together for easy communication and volunteer tracking. Families can add as many involved family members as they like–parents, step-parents, grandparents–and all can have a login to SwimTopia but choose to opt in/out of team-wide emails. At least one family member is required to “opt in” for team-wide emails to ensure information distribution.

Collect Medical Information

Gather medical information about each swimmer, such as allergies, medical conditions, and medications. You can even request emergency contact, physician phone number, and insurance information. We offer a handy “Emergency Binder” report, where the information is compiled in a format that coaches can keep on deck in case of emergencies.


We LOVE SwimTopia! Imagine managing amazing year-to-year team growth from poolside, home, work - all the tools you need to register, communicate, schedule, and more - all in one place.

Stefan V. Swim Team Coordinator, The Cary Imps

We love how easy it was to set-up online registration for our program with SwimTopia!

Gaku I. Coach, Alpine Hills Mantarays

The Bradshaw Farm Swim Team has loved using SwimTopia these last two years, it's made our lives so much easier. From registration to swim meets and everything in between, SwimTopia is a great program and website!

Tori B. Swim Team Coordinator, Bradshaw Farm Barracudas

SwimTopia makes registration for your organization, no matter how complex, seamless. The online payment system was a huge hit for us!

David E. President, Kingsgate Gators

The Lake Marion Lasers are brand new subscribers to SwimTopia and we couldn’t be happier. It has dramatically simplified our registration, communication & data management processes.

Leslie H. Co A Rep, Lake Marion Lasers

Swimtopia greatly reduced our coordination time and streamlined logistics for registrations and running the swim team. Plus it made communications so much easier!

Cathie S. Swim Team Chair, Brookside Waves