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SwimTopia provides a suite of team, league, and meet management features designed to save swim team coaches, admins, and volunteers a ton of time. Watch our recorded videos below to see for yourself that when we say our system is “easy to use,” we mean it.

Sometimes seeing is believing. Take a look at our demos, and to dive into more detail, start a no obligation 2-week free trial to explore everything SwimTopia and Meet Maestro have to offer.

SwimTopia – Swim Team Management

SwimTopia offers robust team management features geared towards summer and high school teams.

Running time: 16 minutes

Meet Management with Meet Maestro™

Meet Maestro is our innovative meet management system that is easy to learn and fun to use.

Run live meets, or head-to-head virtual meets from your own home pools, and follow the excitement with live updates from the SwimTopia mobile app.

Running time: 32 minutes

SwimTopia – Swim League Management

SwimTopia offers unparalleled league management features that save both league and team volunteers time.

Running time: 17 minutes

Workshop Webinars

If you’re already a SwimTopia customer and would like to learn more about your SwimTopia features, our Workshop Webinars are for you!

Workshop Webinars