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Powerful tools to help you manage your league and integrate with your teams’ SwimTopia sites. We offer a SwimTopia website to league boards for free, regardless of how many of their teams use SwimTopia.

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Less wrangling, more swimming

It takes a lot of work to run a swim league. Your time is valuable. Who has time to learn cumbersome old software or piece together a hodgepodge of spreadsheets and half-solutions? SwimTopia is comprehensive swim league management software that makes it EASY to manage your swim league—giving you more time to actually enjoy the swim season with your kids and your friends in the swim community.

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SwimTopia offers a powerful engine for content management, process workflow, meet management, and communication

Used by hundreds of swim leagues, SwimTopia offers tools to help make running your swim league so much easier. More than just a free website, we offer tools to help with the administration of your league. And while it’s not a requirement that your teams use SwimTopia as their team management software to receive a free website, if all teams in the league use SwimTopia, you’ll be able to take advantage of our unrivaled league management features as they integrate with your teams’ SwimTopia accounts. Learn more about our discounted league pricing when all teams in your league adopt SwimTopia.

SwimTopia and Meet Maestro:
the chosen solution for summer leagues around America

It’s EASY to Get Started with SwimTopia

We make it easy for you to get started. Start your free account now and have your new site up and running in minutes. Our swim league management software helps you save time and hassle so you can keep the fun in your swim season.

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When we say free, we mean free. We don’t require any payment information at the time of signup, and your league account will always be available to you at no charge.

Customize Your Free League Website

With your free account, you get full control over your site. You can use our easy and intuitive site builder to create your own custom look and feel, set up the pages that are most useful to your league, and more.

Integrate with Your Teams' SwimTopia Accounts

Set up shared meet templates so all teams use the same meet rules. Import your league’s entire meet schedule in one step. Monitor meet scores and display division standings. Communicate with every teams’ president or computer rep. The more teams that use SwimTopia, the more features you’ll be able to use!

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Any team using SwimTopia will be linked to your league website. With our revolutionary meet software, Meet Maestro, your teams will love how easy it is to run their meets. Parents can stay up-to-date with our mobile app, and keep in touch with their team all year long.

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Give us a try, and you’ll see why SwimTopia is swim league management software you’ll love.

Why Leagues Love SwimTopia

Our league recently switched to use SwimTopia. We have 43 teams that are in the league all on the same operating system now. The ease of the system is quick to learn, it easily brings the league together onto one easy platform for instant results to be displayed, and linked our communication as a board to all the teams top personal.

Kameron T. President, GCSL

Pros: The user-friendly environment. This was our league's first year using SwimTopia. Every team, coach, computer scorer and board member enjoyed using the software. It made everyone's job easier. SwimTopia allowed our teams and league to go paperless. Instead of printing and filling out several forms for every swimmer, the information was kept online. It made the teams more efficient.

Robert S. League President, Pinecrest

SwimTopia's comprehensive management solution has changed the face of summer league swimming at our pools!

Rob D. Executive Director, SELA Aquatics