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We offer a SwimTopia website to league boards for free, regardless of how many of their teams use SwimTopia. As more teams in your league use SwimTopia for team management, more free league management features are available to the league.


SwimTopia account with
league management features

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When all teams in a league use SwimTopia, the league gets the most benefit out of all of our league management features, and the league qualifies for a league-wide billing discount when we invoice the league in advance of the season (see FAQs for more info below)


Robust team management +
Meet Maestro for all teams


($150/team fee is waived)

When the league is billed annually in advance of the season
Requires 100% participation

All teams receive Premium team management features, including Meet Maestro

No setup fees. No hidden fees.

Sign up for a free account and access the full functionality of a SwimTopia league website. No credit card required!

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply fill out the signup form (no payment required) and you’ll instantly have a SwimTopia league website to use. We’ll send you a welcome email with the info, links and tips you need to get started, and you’ll have access to our Help Center and Customer Happiness Team.
You’ll have full access to all the great league management features we provide to make running your swim league a whole lot easier. The only limit to what you can use is how many of your teams are also using SwimTopia. See what’s included 
Yes. SwimTopia teams in your league are linked to your SwimTopia league account. Some of SwimTopia’s league management features require linking between the team and league accounts to function, and the more teams that are linked, the more you get out of those features. Some features are only possible when all teams in the league use SwimTopia.
No. Teams must still subscribe to their own SwimTopia account. Upon signup, they’ll note which league they belong to, and we’ll make the connection so your account will integrate with theirs.
Yes. When 100% of a league’s teams use SwimTopia’s Premium tier, leagues are eligible for our discounted league-wide billing plan, where the price to the league is $3/athlete/year for the entire league, and the $150 annual fee for each team is waived. Leagues must pay a league-wide invoice each year, and many leagues pass the per athlete fee down to their teams as part of their league fees. Benefits to the league include more time-saving league features, reduced prices for their teams, and one invoice and one billing contact for the entire league. Each team receives their own SwimTopia Premium account, including all Meet Maestro features.
When all teams in a league use SwimTopia Premium and the league has chosen to move to our discounted league-wide invoicing, the league pays $3/athlete/year and the $150/team fee is waived. We invoice leagues in advance of the season at $3/athlete for 100% of the previous year’s active athletes; meaning that each year, the league pays in advance of the season, but based on the athlete count from the year before. The first invoice is issued when a league makes the decision to adopt SwimTopia league-wide. League invoicing is due between the summer season and December each year. If a summer league signs on to start league-wide billing between January and June of any given year their recurring annual invoice will move to the next December going forward. We no longer invoice any teams individually once the league has moved to league-wide invoicing, the league typically organizes reimbursement from their teams for the SwimTopia fees.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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* Features available when league’s team(s) use SwimTopia, regardless of how many teams
** Features available when 100% of league’s teams are using SwimTopia
† Features available when league’s teams are using Meet Maestro

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What Our Customers Say

Our league recently switched to use SwimTopia. We have 43 teams that are in the league all on the same operating system now. The ease of the system is quick to learn, it easily brings the league together onto one easy platform for instant results to be displayed, and linked our communication as a board to all the teams top personal.

Kameron T. President, GCSL

Pros: The user-friendly environment. This was our league's first year using SwimTopia. Every team, coach, computer scorer and board member enjoyed using the software. It made everyone's job easier. SwimTopia allowed our teams and league to go paperless. Instead of printing and filling out several forms for every swimmer, the information was kept online. It made the teams more efficient.

Robert S. League President, Pinecrest

SwimTopia's comprehensive management solution has changed the face of summer league swimming at our pools!

Rob D. Executive Director, SELA Aquatics