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SwimTopia, Meet Maestro, and SwimTopia Mobile provide a comprehensive suite of software solutions for running your swim team, your swim meets, and your swim league.

SwimTopia helps swim teams and leagues with everything they need to smoothly run a swim season—from before registration opens, through your swim meets, to the end of season banquet—and everything that needs to be organized in between.

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SwimTopia helps you and your team:

Get organized

Be more organized

SwimTopia has everything you need in one place. The integration between features ensures that you get the most out of your data. Do you want to know who is coming to the meet but hasn’t volunteered yet? Our reports can tell you, and you can instantly communicate with that group to ask them to fill open positions.

“SwimTopia does provide the best variety of applications/uses that are needed to easily, and simply, organize and run the swim team.”

~ Heather C., Muirfins Swim Team

Save time

Customers report that completing tasks, like setting up the volunteer positions for an entire season, takes a fraction of the time with SwimTopia. With our features that allow you to copy items and create templates, you’ll achieve efficiency that’s not possible without SwimTopia.

“By using this software, the time I spent on administrative aspects of the swim team was cut in half.”

Save time

Harness the power of teamwork

Are you that team admin that does everything yourself because it takes too long to show others how to do what you do? No more excuses with SwimTopia. With our flexible permissions system and easy-to-use interface, you can easily delegate tasks to other members of your team.

“SwimTopia makes it very easy to train different users and assign the various roles! SwimTopia is easy to use, has excellent customer service, is compatible with Team Manager, and has a friendly user interface.”

Have happier team parents

Information is power and SwimTopia helps your parents feel empowered. An organized website that helps parents know what’s going on, where to be, and when—used in conjunction with powerful and targeted communications features—means everyone can find and receive the information they need (no more wading through long emails to find the part that pertains to you!).

“It is great to have ONE place where we can direct the parents, swimmers and volunteers all season. It’s very easy to keep information current on the home page, and we no longer need to constantly send emails to parents with information as the season progresses.”

~ Andrea K., Brookfield Breakers

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Easily train new lead volunteers

SwimTopia and Meet Maestro are so easy to learn and use, they simplify the process of “passing the torch” to the next generation of volunteers. When other team members see how much easier your job is with SwimTopia, they won’t fear stepping into your role, and you’ll be able to easily teach them what to do. Win/win.

“I encourage any club who is tired of software that requires an ‘expert’ user to consider SwimTopia.”

~ Doug G., Kenwood Crocs

Look more polished and raise more money

It’s simple to make your website look professional with SwimTopia. You can easily showcase sponsors, allowing local companies to be more interested in supporting your team. And SwimTopia’s efficient merchandise features make selling spirit wear easier and more profitable. You can set your own prices, and you can offer items in registration and/or an online store all year long. With SwimTopia, you’ll see your fundraising numbers grow like never before.

“I laugh when I get SwimTopia’s bill and compare it to what I have coming in from t-shirt sales. The value for money is exceptional.”

~ Stefan V., Cary Swim Club

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We help keep the FUN in the swim season!

The Heart and Soul of SwimTopia

At SwimTopia, we encourage participation in swimming by making it less work and more fun, making it easier for more people to contribute and take part in the sport.

We want to help people feel the reward and satisfaction of contribution and accomplishment, and feel more connected with one another. We believe the sport of swimming improves the lives of individuals, families, & communities, and we strive to contribute positively to the swimming world.

We aim to help swim teams all season long, on meet days and every day.

SwimTopia builds trust with our customers, we are there for them, and we are honest with them. We are up front about our pricing and here to answer any questions.

We want to solve more headaches for the swim community, and solve them better than they’ve been solved before. Our goal is to be improving continuously.

We want to make the sport of swimming easy, fun and accessible.

What makes SwimTopia different from the rest?

Let our customers tell you:

Easy to Use

 “It was so much easier to use than the most popular competitor, and much more feature rich than other options.”

“Team management functions are easy to use, allowing a number of administrators to get up and running quickly.”

“We tried a few different team management solutions with various levels of frustration. SwimTopia was the first where the coaches and administrators needed minimal training or instruction. It was very intuitive for them.”

 “SwimTopia is easy to use as an administrator and user.”

“Love SwimTopia, and so do our team parents! So user-friendly.”

 “The functionality is intuitive, mobile and, best of all, easy to learn.”


“Last year, our summer league team adopted SwimTopia and went from four separate registration, email communication, instant communication, and team management systems to one.”

“Before we switched to SwimTopia, we used several Excel Spreadsheets on several computers to run our club – but now it’s all incorporated into one place – SwimTopia!”

“It all starts off with being able to have one place to look for all our swimmers, meets, parent volunteers, registration, spirit wear and fee collection… and most importantly – gives us a great website.”

 “I like that SwimTopia handles the core functions of swim team management very well without a ton of extraneous features that you have to pay for and end up turning off or ignoring.”

“Having all the basic organization tools in one place is great.”

Exceptional Support

“SwimTopia was so easy to use, and even better, Customer Support is there to help you utilize every tool/aspect of the software.”

“The SwimTopia staff just ‘gets’ swim team administration. The support staff are always a phone call or email away with a suggestion about how to accomplish needed tasks.”

“If we ever need any assistance – I can either call and talk with someone immediately – or they call back very quickly.”

“Support is incredibly good, which is necessary in this space, where panicked users are, I’m sure, a constant.”

“Their customer support is fantastic- always responsive and knowledgeable.”

 “What a blessing your customer service has been to us this season! Every time I called, which was often, your customer service reps were so polite and helpful.”

Always Improving

“SwimTopia gets better and easier to use each year.”

“I do like that every year, it seems to get better and better, showing that they are trying to make improvements.”

“SwimTopia has been great for us, and getting better!”

“On occasion, we have asked the company to provide additional features, and it seems like we weren’t the only ones asking because it happened!”

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Why Teams and Leagues Love SwimTopia

Brynwood Tide Swim Team
Very pleased overall, and can’t imagine life running the swim team without a tool as effective as SwimTopia. Have no regrets about purchasing this product. Their customer support is fantastic- always responsive and knowledgeable.
Joe P.Brynwood Tide Swim Team