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Meet Maestro accounts provide everything you need to run your swim meets in an easy-to-use, powerful, web-based meet software solution. Meet Maestro is included in the price of a SwimTopia subscription, and is also available separately. With a modern interface that makes it easy to learn and use, Meet Maestro saves time and reduces mistakes. If you don’t already have a SwimTopia account, give Meet Maestro a try with a free 2-week trial, no credit card, no obligation.

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** Coming soon: New account name, new features, new pricing. Launches on January 25, 2022, contact us with questions **

Meet Maestro
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Includes Unlimited Athletes
Innovative and robust meet management software
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Meet Maestro free trial work?

Simply fill out the signup form (no payment required) and you’ll instantly have a Meet Maestro account to play with. We’ll send you a welcome email with the info, links and tips you need to get started, and you’ll have access to our Help Center and Customer Happiness Team. Your trial account continues on to be your team’s account if you decide to stick with Meet Maestro.

Do I really get a full-functioning Meet Maestro account, with all the features?

Yes! You’ll have full access to all the great features we provide to make running your swim meets a whole lot easier. Your trial account continues on to be your team’s Meet Maestro account when you become a customer, so we suggest using your real team data for any testing.
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What happens after the trial ends?

After two weeks, we will email an invoice for continued service (unless we hear from you first).  Our free trial is exactly that: no risk, no obligation!

What if I already have a SwimTopia account? Do I need to sign up for Meet Maestro, too?

No, you don’t need to sign up for a Meet Maestro account if you’re already using SwimTopia for team management. Meet Maestro is included with all SwimTopia subscriptions; any team with a SwimTopia website can use Meet Maestro to manage their swim meets. Not using SwimTopia yet for your team management needs?
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If I don't have a SwimTopia account, should I get one? What's the difference between a SwimTopia account and a Meet Maestro account?

With a SwimTopia account, you’ll receive a whole host of team management features, including Meet Maestro.  SwimTopia includes a custom website, online registration, volunteer management, communications, online store, meet and job signups, meet entries, records, meet software, and more.  Meet Maestro includes meet entries, meet software, records, and more.
See what’s included with a SwimTopia account
See what’s included with a Meet Maestro account

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If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

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Meet Maestro
Swim Meet Software

Powerful and intuitive swim meet management and so much more.

Meet Management

Meet Entries Matrix
One-Click Relay Generator
Records Management
Meet Day Software
Virtual Meets
Robust Reports
No More File-Swapping
Compatibility With Other Platforms
CTS Dolphin and System 5/6

Mobile App

Live Event/Heat Bar
Favorite Swimmers*
Heat Sheets with Up-to-Date Estimated Start Times*
Upcoming Swim Alerts*
Live Results*
Results Notifications*
Team Scores*

*Features offered with a Pro subscription when team is using Meet Maestro. 7-day free trial for Pro, then $2.49/mo or $9.99/yr.

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What Our Customers Say

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We have been using Meet Maestro to run our summer swim meets and have found the system to be truly intuitive. Summer league is run by volunteers who simply don’t have the time to invest in classes to learn a new system. With Meet Maestro they don’t have to. Our volunteers just sit down and get right to work with minimal direction from me.
Heather U.Copperfield DolphinsHouston, TX