Free Swim Team Resources

Free Swim Team Resources

What does it take to run a successful swim program? How do you manage a swim team? How do you recruit swim team volunteers?

SwimTopia is all about equipping swim team coaches, families, and administrators with the tools they need to make swimming easy, fun, and accessible! Check out our growing library of free resources below.

New Cover - Volunteer Tips

Top Tips for Better Swim Team Volunteer Management

Are your meets a little chaotic and disorganized? Do they often run late? Do you have to plead and cajole parents to help, and do you only ever see the same people stepping up each week? If so, it could be time for an overhaul of your team’s volunteer management practices. This e-book is for you! Better organized volunteers mean MORE FUN for everyone.

Cover - Tips for New Swim Families

Top Tips for New Swim Families

Signing up for summer swim team is an exciting decision and we know your young athletes will develop skills and make memories to last a lifetime. We also know, though, that swim team can seem daunting at first. If you’re looking for tips to help you navigate your first swim season this e-book is for you!

Cover - Summer Swim Lingo

Guide to Summer Swim Lingo

One of the aspects of swim team that might have you scratching your head most is the lingo! We know it can be intimidating and we want to make things easier for you. In this e-book, we’ve gathered some of the most used words, phrases, and abbreviations related to swim team. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading, you’ll feel up to speed and ready to chime into your next poolside parent convo.

Cover - Understanding DQs on Meet Day

Understanding DQs (Disqualifications) on Meet Day

Another aspect of swim meets that we find new parents and swimmers struggling to understand or, even, accepting is the “Disqualification” or DQ. Though previously mentioned in our Summer Swim Lingo e-book, we will examine DQs more fully here in our Understanding DQs on Meet Day e-book.

Cover - Swim Team Fundraising Tips

Swim Team Fundraising Tips

Fundraising has long been central to the success of swim team culture. It can, though, be difficult to decide where to start. What kind of fundraisers work best for swim teams? Are there out of the box fundraising ideas? We’re here to get you a running start on fundraising goals this year. Read our Swim Team Fundraising Tips e-book for tried and true fundraising suggestions and ways SwimTopia can help maximize profitability.

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