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Meets and Entries

What we’ll cover: We’ll show you how to set up a new meet and create your meet participation rules and settings. We’ll demonstrate the different meet sign-up options for your families, and we’ll cover how coaches can manage meet entries and use our easy-to-use relay generator.

Preparation: Bring your coach!  Have your meet schedule handy, and know the rules for meet participation, such as how many individual and relay events an athlete can swim. Review our Help Center article about Creating and Managing Swim Meets, and try creating one meet that you can work with during our Workshop.

For more information: See the section in our Help Center about Meets and Events

Thursday, May 5, 2022
6:00pm – 7:00pm CDT

Monday, May 16. 2022
6:00pm – 7:00pm CDT

Previously recorded webinar:
Swim Team Meet Entries

Meet Management with Meet Maestro™

What we’ll cover: We’ll teach you how to set up and run a meet with Meet Maestro. We’ll demonstrate setting up your seeding and scoring rules, linking meets with the other team(s), using meet templates, running pre-meet and post meet reports, using data entry shortcuts, entering scratches, integrating with CTS Dolphin, and utlilizing our mobile app features.

Preparation: Bring your meet day computer guru! Familiarize yourself with the organization and layout of our the Meet Maestro section of our Help Center.

For more information: See the section in our Help Center about Meet Maestro

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
6:00pm – 8:00pm CDT

Sunday, May 15, 2022
3:30pm – 5:30pm CDT

Wednesday, May 25, 2022
6:00pm – 8:00pm CDT

Previously recorded webinar:
Introduction to Meet Maestro

Video Tutorials

Watch an in-depth prerecorded Workshop Webinar your convenience, with step-by-step instructions for getting the most out of your SwimTopia account.

Getting Started: A Tour of Your New SwimTopia Site

What we’ll cover:  We’ll give you a tour of the many ways that SwimTopia can help make running a swim team a whole lot easier.  This webinar with give you a preview of everything “under the covers” so you can see how SwimTopia can be used for online registration, volunteer management, meet entries, and more. To “dig in” to specific topics see the other Workshop options below.

Preparation: Make sure you can log in to your SwimTopia site. Take a look at our Help Center section about Getting Started with SwimTopia.

Previously recorded webinar:
Swim Team Web Site

Looking Good! Your Site's Content and Appearance

What we’ll cover:  We’ll teach you how to control the look and feel of your website, including your color scheme, menus, sidebars, pages, and content. Make the best use of your site to communicate with your families before and during your swim season.

Preparation: Check out our Examples page for ideas of how other teams present information to their families

For more information: See our Help Center section about Managing Your Website

Previously recorded webinar:
Swim Team Web Site

Online Registration

What we’ll cover: Your season is opening soon, and it’s time to set up your registration form. We’re here to tell you the best way to collect fees, obtain waivers, and manage volunteering through registration.

Preparation: Have your text from past registrations nearby. Have your fee structure handy.  If you’ll be collecting volunteer job signups, set up one or two meets this season if possible.

For more information: See the Registration section in our Help Center

Previously recorded webinar:
Swim Team Online Registration

Your Volunteering Schedule

What we’ll cover: If you’re ready to set up your schedule for jobs and shifts, we’ll help you begin to set up meets and events.  This workshop will cover how to set up Job Templates, including jobs, shifts, and items to donate.  We’ll also show you how to set up a meet or non-meet event and apply your Job Template to the event.  (We will not cover meet entries and relays at this time — see the Meets and Entries Workshop below.)

Preparation: Have your meet schedule handy. Know the jobs and shifts required at home and away meets.  Also, check out the Roles Workshop below.

For more information: See the Help Center articles about Volunteering

Previously recorded webinar:
Swim Team Volunteering

For the Record Books

What we’ll cover: We’ll show you just how easy it is to manage your team’s records on SwimTopia.  We’ll cover how to set up various record books such as team records, pool records, etc.  Once you’ve created a record book, we’ll show you how to populate your record book with the fastest times from your team’s historical times database, make manual edits, and maintain the record book going forward.  We’ll also demonstrate how to display your records on your website using our Records Snippet.

Preparation: Check out our article about our new Records features and think about which records you’d like to track for your team.

For more information: See our Help Center section about Record Books

Previously recorded webinar:
Swim Team Record Books


What we’ll cover: We’ll walk through how to set up roles, which allow you to identify and manage member subgroups.  With roles you can assign partial admin rights to key volunteers, communicate to an entire group, or assign season-long volunteer points to certain positions. (Note: Roles are not the same as volunteer jobs and shifts at specific meets.  See the above Workshop about Your Volunteering Schedule).

Preparation: Think about which groups you’d like to identify and categorize on your team.  This can include board members, key volunteers who need partial admin rights, coaches, committee members, etc.

For more information: See the Help Center section about Roles

Previously recorded webinar:
Swim Team Volunteer Roles


What we’ll cover: We’ll teach you about the robust communications features we offer in SwimTopia. We’ll demonstrate how to send email to groups such as athlete groups or parents in role assignments, to meet volunteers and participants, and to email lists generated from reports.  We’ll also cover news posts and setting up news feeds on your site.

Preparation: Think about any groups you’d like to send emails to on a regular basis.

For more information: See the Communication section in our Help Center

Previously recorded webinar:
Swim Team Communication

Note: this webinar was recorded before our new Alerts push notifications feature was released.

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