Summer Swim Leagues

League Management Features Like You've Never Seen Before

SwimTopia provides features specifically designed for recreational and summer swim leagues to help manage data and communications on the league level. Our solution is designed to improve the league’s workflow and provide standardized procedures for information-sharing between the league and its teams. We offer SwimTopia to league boards for free, regardless of how many of their teams use SwimTopia. Note: some features are only available to leagues when all their teams use SwimTopia as their swim team management software.

Features: Helping You Manage Your League

Summer Swim League Website
Custom Website

Our website templates offer customization without any need for prior website management experience.

Summer League Swim Meets
Swim Meet Templates

Avoid errors and inconsistency by creating swim meet templates that can be used by every team.

swim team management communication leagues

Easily email individuals or groups, league-wide, from our Communications Center or reports.

swim team management leagues standings
League Standings

An easy-to-use interface allows you to tabulate and display each team’s win/loss record by division.

Rosters to Manage the Masses

Leagues can see the full roster of each team as well as athlete counts by age group or per team.

swim team management leagues waivers
Liability Waivers

Have the ability to access and print the league waivers included in each team’s online registration.

What Our Customers Say


SwimTopia brought the West Houston Aquatic League together through the use of a common platform. Standardization and league management capabilities have greatly reduced our manual efforts. We are very happy with our choice of SwimTopia as a League wide solution, they’re easy to work with and listen to the needs of their customers.

Atle B.WHALeHouston, TX

We’re happy to provide any summer or recreational swim league board with a free SwimTopia league website, no matter how many teams in the league use SwimTopia as their swim team management software. We also offer special pricing for the swim teams within leagues that adopt SwimTopia league-wide. Contact us for more information.