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Meet Maestro Demystifies Meet Day Mania

meet management

Summer swim season is often fondly referred to as a tornado of chaos. Whether it’s corralling swimmers during their age group practices, refining rough swim strokes into smooth technique, looping parents in via multiple streams of communication or keeping all the cogs running during swim meets, summer swim is typically a lot

But. What if it didn’t need to be?

SwimTopia, known for its seamless team management software, has been a mainstay in the summer swim world for over a decade. Parents and admins alike appreciate the system’s simplicity and easy-to-learn interface. Meet Maestro, SwimTopia’s meet management software (free with all SwimTopia accounts), is just as liberating.

Why Use Meet Maestro for Meet Management?

Meet Maestro is a modern, cloud-based meet management system that can stay open in as many browsers as needed. Yes, that means multiple admins can use the product at the same time; gone is the need for a designated “meet day computer.” Coaches collect meet entries through SwimTopia and, after seamlessly merging the meet, send it to Meet Maestro- all in the cloud! Further, Meet Maestro is compatible with other meet management software (like HY-TEK) for entries and results. 

meet management

Simple Meet Day Use

On meet day, changes are as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can add new athletes, update scoring rules, and reseed events as needed- straight from the Meet Maestro interface. In the case of scratches, adjustments are also a piece of cake. Our system allows teams to display team standings, records, and time standards throughout the meet, keeping swimmers and parents informed. Live event tracking (plus many other incredible meet day features) are available in the SwimTopia Mobile App.

Robust Backend with All the Trimmings

Meet Maestro’s administrative back-end means business. We’ve got you covered with the following:

  • Psych, heat, timer, and positive check-in sheets
  • Results
  • Time results
  • PR/Place ribbon labels

At the conclusion of a meet, simply lock out any changes and push results back to SwimTopia accounts for immediate athlete profile updates. If needed, a HY-TEK compatible results file can be downloaded and sent to those in need.

What are you waiting for? Simplify your meet day experience today and make this summer one for the books. With Meet Maestro, anyone can become your team’s computer rep!