Free and Powerful Websites Help With Summer League Management

SwimTopia offers all summer swim league boards a free website to promote information-sharing with the teams in their league. Leagues don’t need to have any teams using SwimTopia as their team management software to qualify for a free site. However, leagues where ALL teams in the league use SwimTopia are able to take advantage of our unrivaled league management features:

Capture league liability waivers
View roster information across your teams
Communicate information to members and groups
Create meet templates, populate teams’ schedules, and easily run your meets
Share job templates with teams in your league
Track and display league standings

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Capture League Liability Waivers Electronically

Some leagues require teams’ members to sign a league liability waiver. SwimTopia allows teams to include league-defined liability information during registration by simply clicking to add their league information to their registration form. Teams and leagues obtain legal electronic signatures from participants, and can easily run reports on that information. No more paper forms!

View Roster Information Across Your Teams

Leagues can see the full roster of each team, eliminating the need for manual file-sharing between the teams and the league. Leagues can also view athlete counts by age group, for the whole league and per team. Seeing how many swimmers of each age group there are throughout the league helps with planning championship and in-season meets and events.

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Communicate Information to Members and Groups

Keeping contact lists up-to-date can be challenging for leagues when there is volunteer turnover on the teams. With SwimTopia, leagues can share “Roles” with their member teams, and teams can assign their current contacts to those Roles, instantly building accurate communication groups for the league. Plus, the league can email all members of all teams directly by using an automatically generated communication group for “All League Members”.

Create Meet Templates, Populate Teams’ Schedules, and Easily Run Your Meets

SwimTopia now offers the unparalleled ability to help each team in your league set up their entire meet schedule correctly, without lifting a finger. A simple excel import of your dual meet schedule by our team, combined with a meet template defined by the league (with all your entry, seeding, and scoring rules pre-set), means SwimTopia can easily set up every meet, for every team. And we do all this with no need to exchange a single event file. Then, using Meet Maestro™, teams can run their meets with all the league rules already in place, significantly reducing repetition, errors, and inconsistencies.

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Share Job Templates with Teams in Your League

Leagues have the ability to define and share job templates for meets with the teams in their league that use SwimTopia. Teams are able to edit and expand on the shared job template, but the league template simplifies getting started for the teams, by giving them a baseline job template to work from. Sharing the job template also gives the league a way to promote volunteering best practices and standards.

Track and Display League Standings

Leagues can create a standings page for their league overall and/or break out standings pages by division. Teams are able to input their team scores after each meet and, after verification, the division and league standings pages update automatically.

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SwimTopia’s comprehensive management solution has changed the face of summer league swimming at our pools!
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