Custom Swim Team Website

A Swim Team Website That Integrates All Your Team Management Needs

SwimTopia Premium

Custom websites are available to customers on our Premium tier

SwimTopia Premium

Custom websites are available to customers on our Premium tier

Your swim team website is not only a valuable communication tool, it’s the portal that integrates all your swim team management needs. Our website templates offer flexibility and customization without any need for prior website management experience. And our sites are mobile responsive, making it easy for your team to find the information they need on a phone or a desktop. Create professional content in minutes, not hours. Data is secure in the cloud and accessible from any computer.

Easily customize the look, feel, and domain
Manage content and navigation with drag and drop tools
Easy to use from anywhere with mobile responsive sites 
Keep data accessible and secure
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Lake Hills Splashers Home Page
Custom Website Example
Easily Customize the Look, Feel, and Domain
SwimTopia Premium

Pick your own color scheme, add a background photo or use CSS to customize the look and feel of your swim team website. SwimTopia sites are mobile responsive, so they look great on your phone too. Plus, you can even keep your custom domain name. Aspects like page names, nested pages and the number of pages on your site are all customizable. Best of all, anyone can do it!

Manage Content and Navigation with Drag and Drop Tools
SwimTopia Premium

Our goal is to simplify. Drag and drop capabilities are available in SwimTopia when editing or creating site navigation, page, and template content. Using “snippets,” you can add images, coach bios, maps, social media feeds, sponsor logos, email contact forms, and more with a click of a button. Making your own swim team website is almost too easy…

Content Management Snippets
New Home page on Mobile
Easy to Use from Anywhere with Mobile Responsive Sites
SwimTopia Premium

Our mobile responsive websites make it possible to perform tasks quickly and easily, even while on the go. Your team’s website content is easy to find and read when navigating on a phone, and signing up for meets and jobs is simple too with SwimTopia. Parents also love how easy it is to register for the team while using their phones.

Keep Data Accessible and Secure
SwimTopia Premium

With everything online, you can access your team’s information from anywhere and from any device. Use password protected pages for information that is for your team only. All traffic is encrypted using the secure https protocol to protect the security of sensitive data.

Example Sites
SwimTopia Premium

For ideas on how to lay out your pages and to see what’s possible with a SwimTopia swim team website, check out examples of our current customers’ sites.

SwimTopia Premium

The above custom website features are available to customers on our Premium tier.

Customers using SwimTopia Lite will receive a web landing page with a registration link and a meet calendar.

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SwimTopia has a great deal of customizable options and tools that made creating and maintaining the website a breeze. I do like that every year SwimTopia seems to get better and better, showing that they are trying to make improvements.
Mark S.Glen Allen Gliders