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Your Data is Safe With Us

We take the security and privacy of the data we manage very seriously. We appreciate that we are being entrusted with private information including names, birth dates and email addresses. All traffic on SwimTopia is encrypted using the secure https protocol to protect the security of password protected pages and sensitive data. And while SwimTopia makes it easy for teams to collect payments online, at no time does our system come in contact with private customer payment information including credit card numbers.

Level 1 PCI Compliant Payment Provider

Our Level 1 PCI compliant payment processing provider, Stripe, provides protection for all credit card information. All traffic on SwimTopia is encrypted using the secure https protocol to protect the security of password protected pages and sensitive data.

Service Hosted By Heroku

The SwimTopia service is hosted at Heroku, one of the largest and most advanced cloud application platform providers, which is in turn underpinned and complemented by Amazon Web Services, the world’s largest cloud computing provider. SwimTopia is designed to take full advantage of the scaling capabilities of the Heroku platform.

Safeguards to Prevent Data Loss

We employ multiple layers of protection to keep your data safe. Our primary database is replicated in real-time to a standby server in a geographically separate data center, so we always have a failover ready in case of emergency. We maintain daily, weekly and monthly backups of the entire database, and we regularly test these backups. We have a continuous up-to-the-minute log of database changes so that even in the unlikely case we had to restore from a previous backup, we’d be able to restore data all the way up to within one minute of the point of failure.

System Monitoring & Uptime

SwimTopia is monitored 24/7 by a third party service to measure performance and uptime, and to provide immediate notification in the event of an outage. We also use an application monitoring service to measure performance on a request-by-request basis to identify any issues.

Overall it has been a great experience. It is a much smoother process to schedule & seed swim meets, upload results, and have families and athletes check in or sign up for events with SwimTopia.

Johanna T. Swim Coach, Louisville Male High School

Any issues that we have had, SwimTopia has been great to make adjustments and fixes. Additionally, in looking at the other products, we did not feel confident that our short term volunteers would be able to drive the software effectively. SwimTopia is so easy to use compared to other products.

David B. Technology/Web Manager, Chattanooga Area Swim League

We chose SwimTopia for our Summer Rec Swim Team a few years ago and have loved it ever since. The features are perfect for our needs. Customer support is great via the help articles and emails. We utilized Meet Maestro last year for virtual meets and will try to get our league to convert this year too. 

Heidi Z. President, AHI Swim Team

SwimTopia seemed almost too good to be true, but it lived up to every expectation. It was so much easier to use than the most popular competitor and much more feature rich than other options. I encourage any club who is tired of software that requires an "expert" user to consider this.

Doug G. Team Coordinator, Kenwood Swim Club

SwimTopia is easy to use as an administrator and user. The software keeps all participants informed through email, keeps track of all swim times, best times, etc. We can customize pages and keep current times easily. We love SwimTopia.

Mark B. Swim Team Coordinator, Jersey Shore Winter

After using both Active Hy-Tek and Team Unify for years, by far, SwimTopia is the best online platform our team has used for running and organizing our team functions and meets.

Dennis D. Head Coach, Nazareth/Easton YMCA Head Coach

Very pleased overall, and can't imagine life running the swim team without a tool as effective as SwimTopia. Have no regrets about purchasing this product. Their customer support is fantastic- always responsive and knowledgeable.

Joe P. Brynwood Tide Swim Team

My experience with SwimTopia was fantastic. I have used other swim team management platforms in the past that were not user friendly for the administrator or end user. SwimTopia was so easy to use and even better Customer Support is there to help you utilize every tool/aspect of the software.

Leslee F. President, Bent Creek Country Club

Love SwimTopia, and so do our team parents! So user-friendly. Thank you for the creation of such a great management program!

Beth R. North Cobb High School

We tried TeamUnify to help us manage registrations and communications and it was disastrous. The software and functionality was over-complicated. Set-up required days rather than hours. Tasks were not intuitive. Our parents literally begged us to go back to SwimTopia. SwimTopia is an actual utopia.

Beth R. Legacy Park Sharks

Thank you so much SwimTopia! I have been so impressed with your customer service as we have started using your site this year! I so appreciate all the help and we have already discovered so many ways that your system is going to make managing our summer swim team easier!

Lara M. Team Rep, Westfield Waves

We LOVE SwimTopia! Imagine managing amazing year-to-year team growth from poolside, home, work - all the tools you need to register, communicate, schedule, and more - all in one place.

Stefan V. Swim Team Coordinator, The Cary Imps

There are countless features about SwimTopia that make it awesome, but my favorite has to be the ease of sign ups: for meets, for volunteers, for parties or whatever your team needs. It's all done in one place and it is extremely user-friendly!

Katie D. Head Parent, Circle C Seals

Our summer team has used SwimTopia the past three seasons and it has made the administrative aspect of running a summer team so much easier. We are able to make sure we have the needed parent volunteers, complete entries in a timely manner and have a better source of communication to our parents. I would highly recommend SwimTopia for any summer team.

Kerstin S. Aquatics Services Director, Herndon Halibuts

SwimTopia has helped me manage and communicate to 100 swimmers and parents effortlessly year after year.

Kristi J. Team Representative, Cavalier Sharks

SwimTopia is the answer to all of our needs - everything we need to run our team in one place! The website we created using the template from SwimTopia was my favorite!

Michelle H. President, Salem Fields Sunfish

SwimTopia is so user-friendly that it allowed me to delegate and involve multiple people and coaches in the management of our team -- for meet entries, volunteers, activities, etc.-- and kept it all accessible from anywhere.

Laura M. Assistant Team Rep, Sully Station Swim Team

SwimTopia's comprehensive management solution has changed the face of summer league swimming at our pools!

Rob D. Executive Director, SELA Aquatics

As a team our favorite feature in general is that SwimTopia is VERY user friendly! We have many of our board members utilizing various areas and making changes with no issues and pretty much no training. You don't feel like you have to be a web designer to use it.

Karla F. Team Co-Director, Pine Mill Ranch Rays

I love that with Swimtopia I can get my work done anytime, anywhere. I can email the team, edit meet entries, look up times and more, simply and easily on my computer or my phone.

Colleen C. Head Coach, Circle C Seals