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Considering SwimTopia and Meet Maestro?

Contact the Sales Team with questions about trying SwimTopia and Meet Maestro for your team or league.

Submit an email through the contact form below or call 877 856 2940, option 1, for a Sales Representative.

SwimTopia and Meet Maestro Free Trial

How It Works:

Sign up for a free trial and access the full functionality of SwimTopia Lite or Premium for two weeks. Simply click the Try for Free button below, fill out the signup form (no payment method required), and you’ll instantly have a SwimTopia account to play with. Meet Maestro is included with all SwimTopia accounts and is accessible through the SwimTopia interface. We’ll send you the info, links and tips you need to get started. After two weeks, we’ll email an invoice (unless we hear from you first). Our free trial is exactly that: no obligation. So check us out firsthand!