Merchandise Sales

A Convenient Way to Sell Spiritwear and Sponsorships

Spiritwear helps teams proudly look and feel like a team. Merchandise can be integrated into the registration process for all SwimTopia accounts. Teams with a SwimTopia Premium account can also fundraise by selling spiritwear through their online store. By creating a way for teams to easily work with their choice of dealer, sell items, and manage inventory, SwimTopia allows you to stay in charge of both your items and your proceeds. Credit card processing fees of 3.4% + 30c per transaction apply. The rest is yours!

SwimTopia also offers easy integration with SwimOutlet Team Stores, if you’d like to really make spiritwear sales easy on your team volunteers. Learn more about SwimOutlet integration with SwimTopia.

Sell merchandise or sponsorships during registration
Sell items or sponsorships from any page
Manage orders efficiently with our reports

Merchandising Tips

*Features available to customers on our Premium tier

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Sell Merchandise or Sponsorships During Registration

Teams can sell merchandise during registration with all SwimTopia tiers. Adding spirit wear and sponsorship sales to your registration process is a great way to raise funds. Putting items in registration ensures every family sees everything you have for sale and encourages sponsorships from your team’s business owners. You can even make items like the team t-shirt required for athletes, so you can be sure to get everyone’s t-shirt size!

Sell Items or Sponsorships from Any Page
SwimTopia Premium

For SwimTopia Premium account holders, our online store makes fundraising easy, all season long. Put any items you like in your team store, including sponsorship levels. We offer customizable drop-down lists for sizes and prices, fields to capture names for personalized orders, and the ability to add images and sell items from any page with our merchandise order snippet. Our online store makes fundraising easy, all season long.

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Manage Orders Efficiently with our Reports

With SwimTopia you still work with your local dealer or supplier to choose, design and produce spirit items. Our reports give you size and detail summaries for each item for easy ordering, and pick and pack lists for easy distribution to your team. You can print receipts for orders and keep track of fulfillment via your website.

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SwimTopia’s website management tools and “snippets” have allowed us to create a more dynamic website, providing timely and enhanced information while also extending capabilities we didn’t previously offer such as an online store, online registration and volunteer sign-up.

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