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The Down-low on SwimTopia’s SwimOutlet Partnership

SwimTopia’s newest partnership with has made it easier than ever for teams to outfit swimmers and parents alike in premium gear. With a team store set up through SwimOutlet, parents order straight from the team site and have purchases shipped directly to their home address (or any address of their choosing). So easy it’s “like magic,” to quote SwimTopia customer Susan Carey of the Quechee Otters swim team. Though you can read more about the SwimTopia/ partnership here, we chatted with Susan to learn more about SwimOutlet’s many benefits.

See The Quechee Otters SwimOutlet Team Store

Q. What were the main benefits of setting up your SwimOutlet team store?

A. It’s relieved a lot of stress because the responsibility of ordering is now on the parents. SwimOutlet is really easy to work with and I received amazing customer service when I was building the store. I had previously purchased directly through Dolfin; parents would have to get me their info and it was a nightmare collecting those orders.

Further, Dolfin wanted to ship in bulk and this was hard given parents gave me their items and sizes at different times. Now, parents order at their leisure and we even work with a SwimOutlet rep that helps us find suits and products that best fit our team. There is something for everyone!

Q. Has it saved you time compared to the old way of selling spirit wear to your parents?

A. Oh gosh yes! I was having to chase people for sizes and now they do it all on their own. With SwimOutlet, they can have spirit wear shipped to whichever address suits their needs best.

Plus, I use the SwimTopia registration page to find team shirt sizes for swimmers and order those locally. SwimTopia has helped a lot with that!

Q. Have you liked the selection, quality, and customizability of items?

A. Absolutely. I can offer a lot of different products and parents get exactly what they want with great quality. Our previous team suit got discontinued this past fall, but SwimOutlet gave good advice on what to use next. I love being able to see everything that SwimOutlet offers and adding items I know both the kids and parents will want to wear…lots of comfortable choices. If I didn’t have SwimOutlet, I wouldn’t be able to offer all of those options!

Q. How have the fundraising results compared to your old method?

A. The fundraising has been great because so much more is available for parents and swimmers. This means they are also buying a lot more. I still have a SwimOutlet credit [from fundraising last year] that I can use to buy equipment, like fins for “Fin Fun Friday!” You can also get a check cut for your fundraising…so, different options to choose!

Q. Has SwimOutlet helped you make sure your team gear fits? Have you used the SwimOutlet sizing kits?

A. Kids will typically borrow friends’ suits to try on or check out the online sizing info! Have not used the sizing kits before, but it’s great to know they exist.

Q. What is the return process like?

A. They’re good about this and parents can do [the returns] themselves. However, if the product is customized, you cannot return it.

Q. What has been some of the feedback from parents?

A. Parents have been very happy! Last year there were shipping issues with COVID; things were running late. However, I don’t anticipate that being as much of a problem this year.

Q. What is your favorite aspect of the team store?

A. That I don’t have to do a lot! I just set it up and it’s like magic: the kids show up wearing great-looking stuff!

Big thank you to Susan for sharing her time with us and illustrating how easy it is to use SwimOutlet’s online shop! A time saver that also helps fundraising efforts, includes a huge product selection, and ensures your team looks like a team…what’s not to love? SwimTopia teams can drag the new SwimOutlet snippet onto any page for more information on set up/team store integration. See our Help Center for more information

Looking to get in contact with your SwimOutlet area rep? Shoot a quick email to Team Division Director Amy Johnson at She will connect you with the right representative and jump-start your SwimOutlet team store!