Keeping Team Members Informed

Having an informative website doesn’t replace the need for direct communication with your people. Our Communications Center allows you to easily send targeted emails or notification alerts to specific groups. Email/alert capability is built into many SwimTopia reports. And our smart “To” field gives you options for groups and individuals to communicate with as you start typing.  You can choose to show others who’s being emailed or not, and avoid spam filters.

Send notification alerts to the team
Communicate straight from reports
Easily contact groups

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Send an Alert
Send Notification Alerts to the Team

The Communications Center allows you to choose to send your team an email OR an alert when you need to reach them. Sending an alert triggers a push notification to team members’ who’ve downloaded SwimTopia Mobile and allowed notifications (removing the need for external texting apps). When you choose the ‘Alert’ option, team members that don’t have the app will receive an email instead.

Communicate Straight From Reports

When you need to communicate with people involved in the upcoming swim meet simply run a report (on who is attending or not, or on job sign-ups, for example) and, with one click, send an email or alert straight from the report to the people you need to reach. Our reports help you send targeted communication. Your members will thank you when their inboxes aren’t full of redundant reminder emails!

swim team management communications
swim team management communications
Easily Contact Groups

SwimTopia dynamically compiles groups during registration: for parents, swimmers, age groups and any athlete roster groups. Creating role assignments such as board members, website admins and coaches also creates communication groups so it’s easy to reach the people you want to.

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We LOVE SwimTopia! Imagine managing amazing year-to-year team growth from poolside, home, work – all the tools you need to register, communicate, schedule, and more – all in one place.
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