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Rosters & Account Management

Organizing and Viewing Your Members' Data is So Easy

With SwimTopia your Team Roster is so much more than just a list of members. Being able to group and organize your parents and swimmers by age, role, athlete type, and seasons makes team management easier than ever. All roster information is downloadable to CSV.

Use Customizable Age Groups for Flexibility

In SwimTopia, you’re able to specify your team’s age groups and “age up” date for ultimate flexibility. Use your age groups to set registration limits or different prices during registration. Easily communicate throughout the season with your age groups by simply typing the age into the “To” field from within our Communications Center.

Create Your Own Athlete Groups

SwimTopia allows users to define as many “Athlete Roster Groups” as you need. Helpful when your team has, for example, a swim and dive team, varsity and junior varsity, competitive and non-competitive (or any combination of the above!). Athlete Roster Groups help you organize your members and communicate efficiently. Different pricing during registration is also possible with Athlete Roster Groups.

Manage Member Groups Through Roles

Team Administrators can create “Roles” to help with communication and volunteer coordination, and to manage administrative permissions. Roles can function like an email group (e.g. type “board” to email your board); they can be used to exempt season-long volunteers (e.g. the Volunteer Coordinator) from regular job sign up; and they can have limited read/manage administrative permissions. Assign as many or as few members as you like, to as many or as few Roles as you need!

Keep Family Details Linked in One Account

SwimTopia links family information from registration onwards, making it easier to understand the connections between your swimmers and parents, and their extended families. Volunteer reports keep family information together for easy participation tracking. See other benefits of keeping family information linked in our Parent Portal section.

Organize Your Team's Information by Season

Unlike other swim team software that often organizes members as either ‘active’ or ‘inactive,’ SwimTopia keeps track of who was a member by season. This allows you to track participation and progress over time and makes tasks like emailing your “Previous members” (i.e. just the people from last season) too easy!

The Lake Marion Lasers are brand new subscribers to SwimTopia and we couldn’t be happier. It has dramatically simplified our registration, communication & data management processes.

Leslie H. Co A Rep, Lake Marion Lasers