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All Your Family’s Information at a Glance

Once parents are registered with the swim team, they’ll set up a login and password that gives them secure access to their team’s SwimTopia site. Parents log in to sign up for meets, events, and jobs, and have access to a “My Account” area that provides useful information to track participation and progress throughout the season.

See your swimmer’s time history
Track your swimmer’s upcoming event entries

View volunteer sign-ups

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*Features available to customers on our Premium tier

SwimTopia Premium
parent portal swim time history
See Your Swimmer’s Time History

The complete time history of each swimmer in the family is viewable in the Parent Portal. After each meet, swimmers’ times are updated. A simple click on the event name and Members can see all times the team has on record for their swimmer in that event. Members can sort which times they want to show by date, by meters or yards, by timeframe, and more. Your parents and swimmers will love keeping track of swimmers’ progress and improvement.

Track Your Swimmer's Upcoming Event Entries

Lots of kids, lots of swims—SwimTopia makes it easy to keep track who is swimming what, and when. Parents log in to see what they have signed their swimmer(s) up for, or what the coach has entered them in for the upcoming meets.

parent portal swim meet entries
parent portal swim meet volunteer signups
View Volunteer Sign-Ups
SwimTopia Premium

SwimTopia Premium offers full volunteer management features. As the season gets underway, parents on Premium teams will be able to reference their Parent Portal as a reminder of the jobs and shifts they, and their family, have signed up for. They can also track the family’s past volunteering to ensure they’re on track to meet their volunteer commitment for the season.

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SwimTopia’s comprehensive management solution has changed the face of summer league swimming at our pools!

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