Meet Entries & Event RSVPs

Save Time Managing Swim Meet Entries and Data

SwimTopia helps you prepare for swim meets by easily gathering meet declarations online. Coaches can create the meet lineup and automatically generate all the relays for a meet with one click. Then, SwimTopia works with Meet Maestro™ or other meet management software to run your meets. We can also help you manage other events, like team social functions.

Simply create meets from event files (EV3)
Define your meet participation rules
Parents declare attendance and sign up for events
Efficiently create meet & relay entries
Import results to update your reports
Manage social event RSVPs and jobs

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Simply Create Meets from Event Files (EV3)

When setting up your swim meets in SwimTopia, you can begin by importing the necessary event information from an EV3 file if you have one. You can then set up meet templates, with all your team’s entry, seeding, and scoring rules defined. Meet templates help you create new meets as easily and quickly as possible, without needing to repeat all the steps for each meet.

Define Your Meet Participation Rules

SwimTopia has you covered when it comes to meet participation rules. You’re able to mark meets as “unofficial,” specify swim up rules, limit the number of events swimmers can enter, set qualifying times, mark events as exhibition only, require entry times from official swim meets only, and more. We have the options you need!

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Parents Declare Attendance and Sign Up for Events

We take the paperwork and uncertainty out of creating the meet lineup by allowing parents to declare attendance online. Options that can be switched on OR off include letting swimmers choose events for a meet, elect to be available for relays, specify if they’re arriving late or leaving early, and leave a note. Coaches have all the information they need.

Efficiently Create Meet & Relay Entries

Coaches use our revolutionary Meet Entry Matrix to select or edit swimmers’ events. Mouse over a column to sort fastest to slowest, or over a time to see the meet and date it was swum. Relays for an entire meet can be selected with one click using prespecified selection criteria. Easily export the lineup in .hy3 or .sd3 format.

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Import Results to Update Your Reports

Meet results are easy to import into SwimTopia so that all your performance reports and time history information stays up-to-date. Use Meet Maestro™ (included in the price of SwimTopia) or other meet software to generate heat sheets, print ribbons, and record results, then import the results when you’re done. SwimTopia is compatible with the native Hy-Tek file format.

Manage Social Event RSVPs and Jobs

Swim meets aren’t the only fun swim teams have! Often teams organize other outings, events, or awards nights. SwimTopia allows you to create and track non-meet events so you can provide event information, collect RSVPs and even collect payments for events online.

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There are countless features about SwimTopia that make it awesome, but my favorite has to be the ease of sign ups: for meets, for volunteers, for parties or whatever your team needs. It’s all done in one place and it is extremely user-friendly!
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