HY-TEK Compatibility

Keep Your Historical Data and Compatibility with HY-TEK™* Meet Manager

Your team is looking to switch to a cutting edge and easy-to-use online system, but you want to keep your historical data. We understand. Our HY-TEK compatibility makes life easy. SwimTopia can import native HY-TEK Team Manager files so you can continue to view and interact with your swim team’s historical data. We also import and export HY-TEK Meet Manager files so you can manage your meet entries and results with Meet Manager.

Note: SwimTopia now comes with Meet Maestro™, an innovative and intuitive swim meet management solution that simplifies running your swim meets (included in the price of SwimTopia).

Import your team roster and time history
Use event files to create new meets
Roundtrip compatibility for entries and results
Replace Team Manager, work with Meet Manager

HyTek Team Manager and Meet Manager Compatible
hy-tek compatibility meet results history
Import Your Team Roster and Time History

A simple export out of Team Manager and upload into SwimTopia brings all your historical data into our system. When you run your team’s first registration through SwimTopia we’ll automatically sync your swimmer history with your current swimmers’ data to link the information.

Use Event Files to Create New Meets

We import EV3 files so you can easily create swim meets with all the events and participation rules already populated in SwimTopia. Create meets after you receive an event file from the meet host or use a historical results file to create a new meet.

swim team management meets events ev3 hy-tek compatibility
Roundtrip Compatibility for Entries and Results

SwimTopia meet entries can be uploaded directly into Meet Manager for seeding and heat sheet generation. Once your meet is finished, effortlessly pull the results back into SwimTopia with an easy export from Meet Manager, then import into SwimTopia to update your performance reports and times database.

Replace Team Manager, Work With Meet Manager

Essentially SwimTopia was built to improve upon and replace Team Manager, and we can also work with Meet Manager to run your swim meets. Switching to SwimTopia is easy because of our file compatibility with HY-TEK. You don’t have to lose all your historical data—if you’ve got Team Manager files—we’ve got you covered!

*Active Network, LLC owns a U.S. trademark registration for HY-TEK Sports Software and has trademark rights in HY-TEK for use with swim team management software. Team Topia, Inc. is not affiliated with endorsed by or sponsored by Active Network, LLC and/or its affiliates and/or licensors. Any references to the HY-TEK software are for comparative advertising and compatibility purposes only.

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