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Meet Maestro Meet Management Software

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use, Flexible

Born out of decades of experience and frustration working with existing meet management software, Meet Maestro was created first and foremost to be intuitive. The result is meet software that is both easy to learn and a joy to use. Meet Maestro features a streamlined and modern user interface that saves time and all but eliminates the need for training. Included with all SwimTopia accounts.

Easy to Learn and Use

Meet Maestro’s user interface is remarkably intuitive, so training new computer volunteers on meet management software has never been so easy. Making edits to the meet is a breeze with drag and drop entry editing. Meet Maestro’s revolutionary and interactive “Event Status Bar” gives you a visual representation of the meet’s progress and makes it easy to click to other swim events.

Simplified Meet Setup

SwimTopia and Meet Maestro simplify running your swim meets with meet templates and file merges. Teams or leagues start with creating a Meet Template in SwimTopia to set all the swim events plus entry, seeding, and scoring rules for the meet. This template system removes the need to repeat setup steps per meet, and reduces errors and inconsistencies. Meet Templates can be shared by the league or created by teams, and are applied to all meets that share the same settings. Meet Maestro then seeds and scores the meet based on the rules set in the template. And there is no more swapping entry or results files when you swim against another SwimTopia or Meet Maestro team! Meets are linked and entries and results are “merged” with a click, no need to email files.

Compatible with Other Software for Entries & Results

You can import EV3 events files to set up your meets, and download EV3 files for meets you create or edit in Meet Maestro. And as well as being able to create your own meet entries in our system, you’re also able to import meet entry files for your team and/or a visiting team from other software. Meet Maestro works with either SD3 or HY3 entry files. After running your meet in Meet Maestro you can download meet results in a variety of different formats compatible with other software, including a HY-TEK* “Merge Results” file.

Online & Offline Data Entry

Meet Maestro runs best in a Chrome web browser. An internet connection is necessary for both the web app and for the desktop version of Meet Maestro (which is needed for integration with timing systems). While an internet connection is required to load and run meets, there is a robust offline safety net, you can continue running the meet and entering data if the connection drops, and no data is lost. Meet scores update when the internet connection resumes.

Live Results via Mobile App

Download the SwimTopia mobile app and upgrade to a Pro subscription to receive live results and results alerts during the meet. The mobile app updates results and, optionally, scores as soon as the data is entered, keeping your team parents informed. Other cool app features, like a live event/heat bar that reports what’s happening in the pool in real time, are also available if your team performs a few simple steps.

Wireless Timing Integration

In order to provide seamless integration with Colorado Time Systems Dolphin wireless stopwatches, Time Drops, Wylas, and other wireless timing systems, our swim meet management software is available as an installable desktop application. When configured for use with the Dolphin, Time Drops, or Wylas systems, Meet Maestro automatically detects and prompts for import of new timing data. With a dedicated timing system bar, the current race number is easy to track and update, and any issues with imported times are prominently and clearly displayed.

Manage Team and Pool Records

Our software provides greater flexibility for tracking records than was previously possible in any swim team management platform. You can specify the course for each record book, and whether or not converted times are eligible for records in that record book. When you add a record book to your swim meet, Meet Maestro indicates broken records as they happen.

Mac and PC Compatible

Meet Maestro is accessible via a web browser, enabling multiple computers to update the same meet at the same time on Mac OS or Windows. As a cloud based system, with no software to install, volunteers can bring their own laptops. Your team can add more computers to speed up data-entry or add a dedicated station for running reports and generating labels.


All the Reports You Need

Meet Maestro has robust reports with customizable filtering, sort, and display options. From pre-meet reports like heat sheets, session reports, and check-in sheets, to post-meet reports like results, award labels, team scores and more, our swim meet management software has you covered. The reports are so easy to find, and so easy to customize, that running Meet Maestro reports will save you time before, during, and after the meet.


Meet Maestro is included in the price of a SwimTopia subscription.

SwimTopia customers can access Meet Maestro after creating swim meets in their accounts. If you want to try Meet Maestro and don’t have a SwimTopia account, you can start a 2-week free trial of of SwimTopia by filling out this signup form. Meet Maestro comes free with all SwimTopia product tiers.

*Active Network, LLC owns a U.S. trademark registration for HY-TEK Sports Software and has trademark rights in HY-TEK for use with swim team management software. Team Topia, Inc. is not affiliated with endorsed by or sponsored by Active Network, LLC and/or its affiliates and/or licensors. Any references to the HY-TEK software are for comparative advertising and compatibility purposes only.

I love the "full features" that SwimTopia provides, from hosting a website that promotes the team, to actually hosting and running a swim meet. It handles registration & waivers, purchasing of merchandise, fee payment, meet entry, and meet management. And it is so easy to use.

David B. Technology/Web Manager, Chattanooga Area Swim League

We used to use several excel spreadsheets on several computers to run our club - but now it's all incorporated into one place - SwimTopia! It all starts off with being able to have one place to look for all our swimmers, meets, parent volunteers, registration, spirit wear, and fee collection.

Doug W. Technology Manager, River Glen Swim Team

Our team has been using SwimTopia for years and it makes the interaction between all of our volunteer and paid employees very easy. We appreciate the ease of use, and the little extras that make running a yearly swim team much easier. For a summer swim team, SwimTopia does provide the best variety of applications/uses that are needed to easily, and simply, organize and run the swim team.

Heather C. Webmaster, Muirfins

We've used SwimTopia for 6 years, but in 2019 used the combined SwimTopia team management and Meet Maesto meet system. The near-seamless integration of the two very different software packages saved out team a massive amount of time and headaches. In addition, the SwimTopia staff just 'gets' swim team administration. 

Randy K. Cross Creek Krakens

SwimTopia allows our team to easily manage the team. From registration to volunteer coordination through managing meets, it makes the process so much easier.

Dave M. Lenoir City Bettas Swim Team

Coaches and administrators love Swimtopia! Entry interface for Coaches is unmatched. Team management functions are easy to use, allowing a number of administrators to get up and running quickly. User Role access also very easy to implement. Support is incredibly good, which is necessary in this space, where panicked users are, I'm sure, are a constant.

Michael S. Computer Team, Pinole Seals

We tried TeamUnify to help us manage registrations and communications and it was disastrous. The software and functionality was over-complicated. Set-up required days rather than hours. Tasks were not intuitive. Our parents literally begged us to go back to SwimTopia. SwimTopia is an actual utopia.

Beth R. Legacy Park Sharks

Going with SwimTopia was best decision we ever made. The website enables us to do team management of all aspects of our swim team. We were able to streamline registration, finally becoming paperless, stay on top of volunteer assignments, and availability of parents.

Tony S. Cedar Creek Stingrays

Last year, our summer league team adopted SwimTopia and went from four separate registration, email communication, instant communication, and team management systems to one. The functionality is intuitive, mobile and, best of all, easy to learn. Our coaches, reps, and parents have all been very pleased!

Jennifer B. Swim Team Rep, Windyrush Dolphins