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Job Sign-up and Tracking is What Sets Us Apart

Swim teams require a lot of work from a lot of volunteers. SwimTopia is easy for the volunteer coordinator to set up, and makes it easy for the parents to sign up. With simple ways to report on positions, attendance and more, you can communicate with the parents you need to straight from our reports via email or push notifications. Volunteer management has never been easier.

*Volunteer management features are available to customers on our Premium tier

Sign Up During Registration or in Season*

Whether your team assigns jobs based on preferences and seniority, or opens shift sign-up on a first-come, first-served basis—or anything in-between—SwimTopia has you covered. We can handle week to week job sign-ups, or full season sign-up during registration. You can do it your way! Parents can easily click through to sign up for jobs from the SwimTopia mobile app, and see all they’ve signed up for there as well. So no more excuses about forgetting what they signed up for!

Encourage Participation with Our Points System*

Encourage and track volunteer participation with our flexible points system. You can set a minimum using a flat scale, 1 point for 1 shift, or a weighted scale to apply more points to difficult jobs. SwimTopia can remind parents to volunteer when they sign up for a meet and they can see their participation when they’re logged in on the web or logged into SwimTopia’s mobile app.

Track and Report on Volunteering *

Our reports help you track your volunteer needs on a meet-by-meet or season-long basis. Easily see how many, and which, positions need to be filled for a meet and see who has, or hasn’t, been volunteering throughout the season. Many reports can be exported to a CSV file and/or printed.

Manage Exemptions, Permissions and Requirements*

You’re able to define, manage and assign “roles.” Roles give you the flexibility to: create requirements for certain positions (like stroke and turn judges); make season-long roles exempt from volunteering for meet jobs; and allow read-only and/or manage privileges for different administrative tasks.

Charge Opt-Out and Penalty Fees if Needed *

Some teams let their parents pay to opt-out of volunteering for the season or set a penalty that will be charged at the end of the season if the family doesn’t meet their minimum volunteer requirement. With SwimTopia you can include these options during online registration.

Target Communications by Job Position *

Easily send emails or push notifications to ‘roles’ (e.g Board Members), ‘jobs’ (e.g. timers at a particular swim meet), or ‘shifts’ (e.g. everyone working the first half of a meet) and more. Run reports, such as meet attendance, and send targeted communications to parents with or without a job with a click. Volunteer communication is easy. (Note: SwimTopia Lite users can send communications to ‘roles’)

Parents Can Easily Manage Their Volunteer Obligations*

Parents have all the information they need at their fingertips. Descriptions of available jobs, number of open positions, and names of the people who have already committed to a job are all available as parents sign up. Point totals showing what their family has already earned and summaries of what they have signed up for in the past and the future are viewable when parents are logged in.

There are countless features about SwimTopia that make it awesome, but my favorite has to be the ease of sign ups: for meets, for volunteers, for parties or whatever your team needs. It's all done in one place and it is extremely user-friendly!

Katie D. Head Parent, Circle C Seals

Our summer team has used SwimTopia the past three seasons and it has made the administrative aspect of running a summer team so much easier. We are able to make sure we have the needed parent volunteers, complete entries in a timely manner and have a better source of communication to our parents. I would highly recommend SwimTopia for any summer team.

Kerstin S. Aquatics Services Director, Herndon Halibuts

SwimTopia is so user-friendly that it allowed me to delegate and involve multiple people and coaches in the management of our team -- for meet entries, volunteers, activities, etc.-- and kept it all accessible from anywhere.

Laura M. Assistant Team Rep, Sully Station Swim Team

SwimTopia makes securing volunteers for our swim meets so much more efficient and now I concentrate on seeing my children swim their races!

Helen S. Director of Volunteerism, Echo Ridge Ragin' Rays

I cannot speak highly enough about Swimtopia based upon my experience as Volunteer Coordinator. The ease of communication to families as well as the volunteer sign up and tracking features were so helpful and real-time.

Cristine C. Volunteer Coordinator, Mill Creek Towne Marlins

The data analytics of SwimTopia are exceptional, and allowed the coaches to quickly manage line-ups & scratches while also making the team rep’s lives easier through the active encouragement of volunteer sign-up.

Leslie H. Co A Rep, Lake Marion Lasers

We switched over to Swimtopia a few years ago and this has been one of the best decisions for the team management ever. We have seen substantial improvements in parental involvement (especially with volunteer sign up) and a huge reduction in complaints, thanks to the ease of the Swimtopia website.

Daniel W. Team Manager, Bocage Sharks

Before Swimtopia, we used one service for emails, another for volunteering and did our swimmer selection by hand, which took hours. We love SwimTopia!

Laurie P. Team Rep, Fox Mill Estates