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SwimTopia Meet Maestro and HY-TEK™* Meet Manager

Easy Data Transfer from HY-TEK to SwimTopia

Do you use desktop HY-TEK software to manage your meets but are considering upgrading to a web-based swim management solution for greater flexibility and more features? We can help.

Yes! SwimTopia, Meet Maestro, and HY-TEK Meet Manager Are Compatible

Meet Maestro was built to replace and improve upon HY-TEK Meet Manager, while still remaining compatible with the native HY-TEK file formats for a seamless blend of software to create entries and run meets.

Meet Maestro can import entries and export results in the HY-TEK file formats to run meets with teams not using SwimTopia. And SwimTopia can export entries and import results when you need to swim at a meet run in Meet Manager.

We give you flexibility and control in how you want to run a swim meet. Use SwimTopia and Meet Maestro instead of HY-TEK Team and Meet Manager, or use them with HY-TEK Team and Meet Manager.

Meet Maestro - The Only Meet Management Solution You Need

We understand HY-TEK may be comfortable, but we think you’ll find Meet Maestro so modern and easy to use, you’ll never want to go back. Meet Maestro is powerful, with the modern features you need to efficiently run your meets, yet is incredibly simple to learn and use.

Get an All-in-One Solution for the Greatest Efficiencies

We built SwimTopia to put swim team management functions like registration, meet and job signup, and volunteer management online in an easy-to-use website for your swim team. 

We built Meet Maestro so teams finally have an easy way to run swim meets – with modern, cloud-based software. 

Create meets, give parents an easy way to engage, generate relays and the full meet lineup, and much more in a matter of a few clicks. Save hours, stay organized and have more fun with SwimTopia and Meet Maestro.

SwimTopia is the most modern, comprehensive, easy-to-use swim management solutionon the market.

*Active Network, LLC owns a U.S. trademark registration for HY-TEK Sports Software and has trademark rights in HY-TEK for use with swim team management software. Team Topia, Inc. is not affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by Active Network, LLC and/or its affiliates and/or licensors. Any references to the HY-TEK software are for comparative advertising and compatibility purposes only.