SwimTopia Software is Compatible With Active Network’s HY-TEK Meet Manager to Run Swim Meets

HY-TEK™* Meet Manager Software Interfaces Easily with SwimTopia®, Web-based Team Management Software

SwimTopia’s Meet Maestro is a modern and easy to use swim management platform that is perfect for summer, high school, and year-round swim teams for running simple meets. Meet Maestro is included in the price of SwimTopia, or available separately. We think you’ll find Meet Maestro so modern and easy to use, you’ll never want to go back to Meet Manager. However, for teams that use HY-TEK Meet Manager, and want to continue using it, the good news is that SwimTopia is also compatible with the native HY-TEK file format and works seamlessly with Meet Manager software. All the preliminary work for a swim meet – getting commitments from families about attendance, creating the meet lineup, generating relay teams – is expedited by SwimTopia’s online swim team management software and meet entries are then ready to use in Meet Maestro, or are easily exported for use in Meet Manager. After the meet, results are seamlessly transferred into SwimTopia from Meet Maestro with a click, or easily imported into SwimTopia if the meet is run in Meet Manager.

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Making Data Transfer Easy

SwimTopia is compatible with HY-TEK native file format, the .hy3 format, allowing seamless data transfer between Team Manager, Meet Manager and SwimTopia software. SwimTopia was built to put swim team management functions like registration, meet and job sign up, and volunteer management, online, in an easy to use website for your swim team. Our software compatibility with HY-TEK means you can easily transfer your old Team Manager and Meet Manager data into SwimTopia, making a change in your swim team management software painless. We can import both rosters and time history and efficiently organize your information into seasons. Using past meet results to recreate event lists, you can easily set up meet templates in SwimTopia for your upcoming meets.

Once your meets are created using SwimTopia, you can open them up for parents to enter their swimmers through your swim team website. Parents are able to indicate online if they are attending and whether they are arriving late or leaving early. While this may sound like an unnecessary level of detail, it actually comes in handy when generating relays. SwimTopia takes this information into account when it uses your pre-specified rules to create the fastest available relay lineup. Why enter your fastest swimmer in the last relay of the meet if they have told you they need to leave early for their sister’s soccer game? It’ll only leave you scrambling to reseed your relay on deck. SwimTopia’s relay generation feature allows you to pick every relay (yes, every age group and both genders, or even mixed) with one click of a button. Options for creating the full meet lineup in SwimTopia include giving parents and swimmers the ability to choose their own events or letting the coaches pick events for the swimmers.

SwimTopia’s simple yet powerful swim team management software, coupled with Meet Maestro or Meet Manager, saves you hours on every step of meet management. Once you have completed your meet lineup, you can merge your entries with the opposing team if they are using Meet Maestro, or you simply export your entries in the .HY3 or .SD3 format for import into other meet management software. From Meet Maestro or other meet softtware you’ll create heat sheets, run the meet, print award labels and input results (either from meet timing software or manually). After results are finalized in your meet management software you simply import them back into SwimTopia so that your swimmers’ data is updated, accessible and integrated into all your performance reports. For informal meets that don’t require meet management software, like a timing meet, it is possible to directly enter results into SwimTopia.

Due to SwimTopia’s flexible online capabilities and both its inclusion of Meet Maestro and its compatibility with Meet Manager, it’s never been so easy to run a swim meet, however you choose.

*Active Network, LLC owns a U.S. trademark registration for HY-TEK Sports Software and has trademark rights in HY-TEK for use with swim team management software. Team Topia, Inc. is not affiliated with endorsed by or sponsored by Active Network, LLC and/or its affiliates and/or licensors. Any references to the HY-TEK software are for comparative advertising and compatibility purposes only.

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