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Most Common and Most Unique Team Mascots and Nicknames

So we’ve talked about different categories of swim team mascots or nicknames in our last blog, but where does your swim team’s mascot fit into the popularity contest? We evaluated the names of SwimTopia teams to come up with a list of the most common and most unique team mascots.

Most Common Team Mascots

Popular Mascot NamesDolphins – 8.2%
Sharks – 7.2 %
Gators – 6.8%
Barracudas – 5.4%
Stingrays – 5.4%
Marlins – 4.3%
Piranhas – 4.3%
Hurricanes – 2.9%
Seals – 1.8%
Waves -1.8%
Tidal Waves – 1.4%
Wahoos – 1.4%



Most Unique Team Mascots

At SwimTopia we have certainly come across some unusual mascots! Some of our most unique include:

The Tooele High School “Fishaloes”

This is a "Fishaloe" in case you weren't sure! Half buffalo, half fish.
Coach Mel Roberts told us the story of the origin of the “Fishaloe”: “When I first started coaching at Tooele in 1969, [Coach Roberts is in his 48th year coaching at Tooele HS] I wanted to come up with a unique logo for the swim team. Our school mascot is the “White Buffalo” so I had one of my students who was an artist draw a buffalo in the upright position with a fish tail on the bottom section. The team had a choice of what to call it, Fishaloe or Buffafish. They chose the Fishaloe and we have used it since then.”

The Cross Creek “Krackens”

The Kraken is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. According to stories Cross Creek Logothis huge, many armed, creature could reach as high as the top of a sailing ship’s main mast and swallow ships whole.
President of the Krakens, Christopher Ryan, told us how his team found its mascot: “My wife and I started the process of getting our neighborhood swim team up and running around 3 years ago.  We held a meeting in our community center and it was open to anyone interested in being a part of the team.  At this meeting we also started to throw around what the team name should be.  We had all the usual suggestions like the Dolphins, Sting Rays, Seals, etc., when one of the kids in attendance threw out “how about the Krakens?” and everyone in the room was sold and it was an instant hit.”

The Sully Station “Super Sonic Transporters”

Sully_LogoThe Sully Station community pool is in Centreville, VA, just south of the Washington Dulles International Airport. Back when the Concorde flew they would have to stop swim meets during take offs and landings due to the noise. The team decided to take on the distinctive name of the supersonic jet.

Some of our more unique team mascots include: the “Feet”, the “Drowning Darryls”, the “Sea Monkeys”, the “Fighting Farmers”, the “Critters”,  and the “Aquadillos”. Where does your team’s mascot fit on the spectrum?