Free E-Book: Swim Team Fundraising Tips

Free E-Book: Swim Team Fundraising Tips

Fundraising has long been central to the success of swim team culture. It can, though, be difficult to decide where to start. What kind of fundraisers work best for swim teams? Are there out of the box fundraising ideas? We’re here to get you a running start on fundraising goals this year. Read our Swim Team Fundraising Tips e-book for tried and true fundraising suggestions and ways SwimTopia can help maximize profitability.

Check out our resources page for more helpful information about running your swim team. Our blog is also a great spot to find helpful information. For now, get ready to raise more funds for your team than ever before with our fundraising tips.

  1. SwimTopia Partners with SwimOutlet for the Ultimate Team Store
  2. Don’t Forget about SwimTopia’s Merchandise Feature
  3. What About Non-Merchandise Fundraising Options?
  4. Fundraise Though Sporfie Live Streaming (new SwimTopia Partnership!)
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Swim Team Fundraising Tips

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