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SwimTopia Software for Computer Reps

We’re SwimTopia, a swim team software based on first-hand experience in the swimming world. We’ve been making life easier for swim coaches, volunteers, and families since 2010.

Here’s why SwimTopia is the best software for computer reps.

Swim software shouldn’t hold you back

As your team’s designated computer representative, you need a system that is simple to set up and intuitive to use.

Quickly create your site and register your team

Easily pass on your role

Smoothly share your admin back end

Seamlessly integrate with your timing system of choice

“We have been using Meet Maestro to run our summer swim meets and have found the system to be truly intuitive. Summer league is run by volunteers who simply don’t have the time to invest in classes to learn a new system. With Meet Maestro they don’t have to. Our volunteers just sit down and get right to work with minimal direction from me.”

– Heather Urgon, Vice President, Copperfield Dolphins

Save time with SwimTopia software for computer reps

You might be thinking: “My current software is okay…why fix something that isn’t broken?” SwimTopia is designed to be more than just “okay”. We cover everything a swim team needs in a simple, intuitive interface, letting you get running quickly and saving time right away.

We’ve built our platform from the ground up, crafting the perfect software for computer reps:

SwimTopia is designed to cover everything a swim team needs in the most easy and intuitive way. This lets you get up and running quickly, and start saving time right away.
When coming from Team Manager, data (rosters and time history) is easily extracted and populated into your SwimTopia site via a historic data import. When coming from TeamUnify, we can grab and import rosters, and you can build time history by bringing in meet results.

Smooth integration with Hy-Tek if you cannot use Meet Maestro (for meet management) or if your pools use timing systems with which we are not yet integrated. Round trip file compatibility for event files, entries, and results, means you can still work within your league rules.

SwimTopia integrates with many different timing systems (more to come): Time Drops, Wylas, CTS Dolphin Wireless, CTS 5 / 6 and Gen 7 (as well as the good ol’ stopwatch).
SwimTopia’s intuitive and transferrable nature allows you to easily pass your role onto the next volunteer computer representative. Should you need help, our Customer Happiness team is happy to help!
features allow you to email your whole team or select groups. Push notifications also notify parents on the SwimTopia mobile app.
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Easy implementation and fast results

We know changing software can be daunting, but our tools are easy to learn and set up. You’ll be saving time in no time!
Sign up for a free trial and access the full functionality of SwimTopia for two weeks. No credit card required.