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SwimTopia Software for Swim Team Coaches

We’re SwimTopia, a swim team software based on first-hand experience in the swimming world. We’ve been making life easier for swim coaches, volunteers, and families since 2010.

Here’s why SwimTopia is the best software for swim team coaches.

Swim software shouldn’t hold you back

As a swim team coach, you’ve got a lot going on. You need excellent, easy-to-use software so you can focus on what you do best.

Save time — don't struggle with software

Put together meet entries intuitively

Effectively communicate with your team

Get robust reporting and stats with just a couple of clicks

“After using both Active Hy-Tek and TeamUnify for years, by far, SwimTopia is the best online platform our team has used for running and organizing our team functions and meets.”

– Dennis Drake, Head Coach, Nazareth/Easton YMCA

Save time with SwimTopia software for swim coaches

You might be thinking: “My current software is okay…why fix something that isn’t broken?” SwimTopia is designed to be more than just “okay”. We cover everything a swim team needs in a simple, intuitive interface, letting you get running quickly and saving time right away.

We’ve built our platform from the ground up with features swim coaches love:

Easy website templates

with drag-and-drop customization to display pool location, Facebook pages, coach bios, team store information, and more.

Convenient scheduling

allows you to create calendar events (meet and non-meet) and collect RSVPs. Save time with customizable templates to create meets with events, declaration rules, and more.

Easily editable entries

and relays are created in a matter of seconds.

Optional Meet Maestro

software for meet management integrates directly with Hy-Tek.

Powerful reporting features

allow you to draw a variety of stats from athlete improvement report cards to DQ reports and high point scorers. We’ve got all the data you need.

Effective communications

features allow you to email your whole team or select groups. Push notifications also notify parents on the SwimTopia mobile app.
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Easy implementation and fast results

We know changing software can be daunting, but our tools are easy to learn and set up. You’ll be saving time in no time!
Sign up for a free trial and access the full functionality of SwimTopia for two weeks. No credit card required.