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SwimTopia Software for Volunteer Coordinators

We’re SwimTopia, a swim team software based on first-hand experience in the swimming world. We’ve been making life easier for swim coaches, volunteers, and families since 2010.

Here’s why SwimTopia is the best software for volunteer coordinators.

Swim software shouldn’t hold you back

As your swim team’s volunteer coordinator, you need a system that easily allows you to assign/reassign parents to volunteer positions and quickly communicate, especially on a per-meet basis.

Easily check in and reconcile volunteers

Avoid constantly reminding parents of their volunteer commitments

Prominently display job descriptions

Allow parents to sign up for their own positions

“The ease of communication with families as well as the volunteer sign-up and tracking features were so helpful and real-time. I cannot speak highly enough about SwimTopia based upon my experience as the team B Rep and Volunteer Coordinator.”

– Cristine Ceely, Volunteer Coordinator, Mill Creek Towne Marlins

Save time with SwimTopia software for volunteer coordinators

You might be thinking: “My current software is okay…why fix something that isn’t broken?” SwimTopia is designed to be more than just “okay”. We cover everything a swim team needs in a simple, intuitive interface, letting you get running quickly and saving time right away.

We’ve built our platform from the ground up, cultivating the perfect software for volunteer coordinators.

Create a volunteer job template (complete with positions, descriptions, time slots, and associated volunteer hours/points) and apply it to a swim meet. When parents declare their kiddo for a meet, prompt them to also sign up for jobs.
Keep sign-ups open until a team admin closes them- collect sign-ups on your own schedule.
Track per meet and season-long volunteering per family: You can even assign points to jobs to motivate parents to go for their own “high points award” at the end of the season!
Communicate with meet-specific volunteers (rather than blasting the entire team): reconcile who actually showed up following the meet (and keep hours up-to-date), and prompt parents who are not signed up (but with swimmers competing) to grab some shifts.
Integrate all swimmer meet attendance and volunteering data, making targeted communications about volunteering easier than ever.
Give SwimTopia site permissions to specific roles/jobs: this allows people who need access to various pieces of the administrative back-end to, in fact, have that access.
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Easy implementation and fast results

We know changing software can be daunting, but our tools are easy to learn and set up. You’ll be saving time in no time!
Sign up for a free trial and access the full functionality of SwimTopia for two weeks. No credit card required.