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SwimTopia Social Media Fun Fact Friday

Some of you may have noticed that recently, we have been adding posts to all of our SwimTopia social media channels. Our goal is to provide you with helpful, interesting, and motivating content to get you through your week. Some things you can find on our channels include Motivational Monday quotes to start your week off, testimonials from your peers who have used our products, and interesting fun facts to close out the week. Dispersed throughout the week, we will share tips and tricks you can take back to your team, fun activities you can share to your Instagram stories, and news about what’s happening in the swimming world.

What’s Coming Next Week?

SwimTopia Social Media Post

SwimTopia Social Media Motivational Monday

How Can You Be Featured?

Want to see your team featured on SwimTopia social media? DM us! We would love to start a “Feature Friday,” but we need your help. Send us pictures of your swim meet’s winners, of you using our product, or of your swimmers just plain having fun, and your team could be featured on our page. Also, in an effort to be a resource for our followers, we want to start sharing simple after-swim snacks that you can make for your kiddos. Send us your favorite snack recipes and hacks, so swimmers across the country can enjoy your yummy creations too! We’ll be asking for teams to contribute other tips that we can share in the future, so stay tuned!

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