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SwimTopia vs. Swimmingly

How do they compare?

SwimTopia and Swimmingly are both effective swim management solutions, but there are some stark differences you’ll want to understand before you decide which is right for you.

Ease of Use and Support Matter

SwimTopia is incredibly easy to use, and we are always here to help. No complicated onboarding. No hidden fees or missing features. No unresponsive support. Just a comprehensive swim management solution for teams, leagues and meets backed by a company that cares.

We simplify swim management so you have less admin work and fewer headaches.

How Does Swimmingly Compare to SwimTopia?

You have options when choosing the right swim management software but with solutions like SwimTopia and Swimmingly on the market, which one is best for your organization? Comparing them side by side will bring some clarity.

"When we first switched over—-the folks at SwimTopia were very helpful in assisting us getting our site up and running quickly. Then if we ever need any assistance—I can either call and talk with someone immediately—-or they call back very quick."


“My experience with SwimTopia was fantastic. I have used other swim team management platforms in the past that were not user-friendly for the administrator or end user. SwimTopia was so easy to use and even better, Customer Support is there to help you utilize every tool/aspect of the software.”


“Switching was super easy, SwimTopia provides excellent support and made our season run much smoother.”

Tim S. Loggerhead Swim Team

“Switching was super easy, SwimTopia provides excellent support and made our season run much smoother.”

Tim S. Loggerhead Swim Team

“What I really like about this software program is that it is a central place for athletes and their families to see any updates or changes in our schedule, any news posted, or to ‘check in’ with their times and scores from previous meets.”


Team Management

Unlike Swimmingly, which is primarily focused on helping you run your swim meets, SwimTopia was designed to help your team and meets run more efficiently to save you a ton of volunteer hours over the course of your season. Our other differentiators?

Meet Management

With SwimTopia, you can manage meets and your team in one solution so everything is integrated and easily accessible in one place for better organization. Other differences?

Software Cost

SwimTopia’s cost covers just about everything related to your swim team so you don’t have to pay extra for communication tools, website, merchandise sales or other admin duties. You’ll get:

Mobile App Cost

Both SwimTopia and Swimmingly offer mobile apps with similar features; however, only SwimTopia has free, additional modern features parents love, such as:


Our customers consistently tell us our support is unmatched. Perhaps that’s because we have had the same swim team-centric ownership and management for over 12 years. Only we:

Volunteer Management

Only SwimTopia enables you to require volunteer job/shift commitments or preferences during the online team registration process and allows you to specify and enforce minimum requirements. Here are more great volunteer management features:


Unlike Swimmingly, we give you an easy way to sell merchandise through team websites during registration and all season with online checkout and payment. We also provide:
*Credit card processing fees apply

Relay Generation & Editing

SwimTopia provides the best relay generation solution in the industry. Only SwimTopia allows all meet relays to be generated with one click vs. one event at a time. Where else do we shine?

“Our league recently switched to use SwimTopia. We have 43 teams that are in the league all on the same operating system now. The ease of the system is quick to learn, it easily brings the league together onto one easy platform for instant results to be displayed, and linked our communication as a board to all the teams top personnel.”

– Kameron

What’s Next?

SwimTopia and Swimmingly aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, they’re compatible! You can easily use Swimmingly to run meets and SwimTopia to manage your team.

Let’s Talk

We are happy to answer questions or schedule a one-on-one demo to go into more detail. We can also provide references to teams and leagues that have used both systems.

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