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SwimTopia vs. TeamUnify

How do they compare?

SwimTopia and TeamUnify are popular swim management options, but are they basically the same? Discover the differences so you can make the most informed decision.

Ease of Use and Support Matter

SwimTopia is incredibly easy to use, and we are always here to help. No complicated onboarding. No hidden fees or missing features. No unresponsive support. Just a comprehensive swim management solution for teams, leagues and meets backed by a company that cares.

We simplify swim management so you have less admin work and fewer headaches.

How Does TeamUnify Stack Up to SwimTopia?

Looking for a swim management solution or already using TeamUnify and want to see how it compares with SwimTopia? There are some stark differences you should know about before you choose a swim management solution for your team or league.

“Over the past three years, I used TeamUnify. SwimTopia is SO much more user-friendly and has everything that a coach needs in one place. There is no comparison between the two programs; SwimTopia blows TeamUnify out of the water. Also, I am very impressed with the customer service and willingness of SwimTopia to help answer any questions and teach people how to use the site.”
See website.

Michael E. Head Coach, Lake Marion Lasers

“Switching was super easy, SwimTopia provides excellent support and made our season run much smoother.”

Tim S. Loggerhead Swim Team

“Are you letting your own legacy emotional attachment in TeamUnify get in the way of a better experience for your swimmers, parents, volunteers, and board? Our team could not be happier moving to SwimTopia. It feels like Christmas at every meet when a parent/swimmer/coach gets excited about a feature they experienced in SwimTopia.”

Anthony T. Newark Bluefins

“The website was easy to create. Getting all swimmers switched over was manageable. Setting up for meets is much more simple.”

Vicki T. Fairway Fins

“After using Active Hy-Tek and Team Unify for years prior, we switched to SwimTopia, and it is by far the best online platform for organizing your team and running meets. SwimTopia is far less complex, and its user interface is intuitive. A huge plus is that it is easy for my parent volunteers to understand and start using with little to no guidance or training from the coaches.”


“This platform is so intuitive and easy to use and their customer happiness team is amazing!”

Mark B. Carefree Crocodiles


Our customers consistently tell us our support is unmatched. Perhaps that’s because we have had the same swim team-centric ownership and management for over 12 years. Only we:

Website Management

We make it easy for you or volunteers to manage your customizable website. And unlike TeamUnify, no technical, HTML or CSS expertise is required. Our other differentiators?

Volunteer Management

Only SwimTopia enables you to require volunteer job/shift commitments or preferences during the online team registration process and allows you to specify and enforce minimum requirements. Here are more great volunteer management features:


Unlike TeamUnify, we give you an easy way to sell merchandise through team websites during registration and all season with online checkout and payment. We also provide:

*Standard credit card processing fees apply


You can more easily get families involved and collect more money to support your team or league through SwimTopia’s sponsorship features. We also:

Meet Entry Management

SwimTopia and TeamUnify both offer online meet declarations, but only SwimTopia gives parents and swimmers the ability to indicate if they need to arrive late or leave early for relays. Only SwimTopia:

Relay Generation & Editing

SwimTopia provides the best relay generation solution in the industry. Only SwimTopia allows all meet relays to be generated with one click vs. one event at a time. Where else do we shine?

Meet Management

We include Meet Maestro online meet management platform with SwimTopia, the most modern yet simple interface on the market, saving hours of admin work. TeamUnify doesn’t come close.

“We picked SwimTopia over the other team/meet management software options last summer. It seemed almost too good to be true, but it lived up to every expectation. It was so much easier to use than the most popular competitor and much more feature-rich than other options. I encourage any club who is tired of software that requires an “expert” to consider this.”

– Beth R., President, North Cobb High School

What’s Next?

These are only a handful of differences between SwimTopia and TeamUnify.

Let’s Talk

We are happy to answer questions or schedule a one-on-one demo to go into more detail. We can also provide references to teams and leagues that have used both systems.

Read Why Teams and Leagues Prefer SwimTopia

We put together a helpful ebook of why swim coaches, board members, computer reps, treasurers and volunteer coordinators choose SwimTopia.