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From Summer Swimmer to Year-round Athlete

We are quickly reaching, if not the end of the season for many leagues, at least the mid-way point (where does the time go??). It’s been a whirlwind of cheers and chants, snacks and backpacks, chlorine and cozy towels. And maybe, just maybe, your young athlete has caught the ‘swimming bug.’ Perhaps, they’re not quite […]

SwimTopia Presents: Favorite Summer Swim Team Memories!

It’s here, it’s here! The best time of the year is really, truly almost here! And what time of year is that, you may ask? Summer swim season of course! This idyllic summer activity, known for its colorful ribbons, zany team cheers, and sharpie body art, has finally come once more. Coaches are gearing up […]

“Winning” with Summer League Swimming

Swimmer Friends

More than most organized activities undertaken by kids, summer league swimming offers numerous ways of growing, developing and “winning.” Some speculate it’s because swimming offers a somewhat unique combination of both personal and team-related achievement.  Whatever the cause, below are just a few of the ways your child can “win” by participating in summer league […]

Is Your Child Ready for Year-Round Swimming?

Your son or daughter really loves competitive swimming and has reached a point where they are one of the better swimmers in their age group.  How do you know if they are ready for year-round swimming? How can you tell if your child is ready for year-round swimming? Stepping up to year-round swimming is a […]