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Your calendar is a place for so much more than just event dates. From this page, your team can sign up for meets, and your calendar easily ties heat sheets, results and other important meet information together. Teams with our Premium tier can also manage job signups here, and can even create social events on their calendar to help manage RSVPs and volunteering for non-swim meet events. Team members can subscribe to the calendar, so all the team’s listed events show up wherever they manage all their scheduling.

Sign up for everything in one place
Members can sign up for meets,
Members can sign up for jobs, plus non-meet events
Keep your information together: heat sheets, results and more
Subscribe to stay in the loop

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*Features available to customers on our Premium tier

SwimTopia Premium
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Sign Up for Everything in One Place

Our simple list view calendar was designed to provide links so members can sign up for meets. And with our Premium tier, members can sign up for jobs and non-swim meet events in the one place too. The calendar helps you organize all your event information in one place.

Members Can Sign Up for Meets

It’s easy to add a snippet to your home page to encourage signups for an upcoming event, but your calendar page is where your members can see all the meets for the season. They’ll quickly see if a meet is open or closed for signup and from there they simply click to declare attendance or sign up for swim events.

Members Can Sign Up for Jobs, plus Non-Meet Events
SwimTopia Premium

Teams on our Premium tier can also manage event and job signups for the whole season from their calendar page. With a full suite of volunteer management features, Premium teams can show whether volunteer signups are open or closed, and members can easily sign up for any available jobs from the calendar page. Not limited to just swim meets, Premium teams can manage non-meet event RSVPs and volunteering for those events all in the same place.

swim team volunteer management calendar
swim team management calendar
Keep Your Information Together: Heat Sheets, Results and More

You can attach downloadable files to events on the calendar. Whether it’s the heat sheets before the meet, the results afterwards, or an informational file for an upcoming event, the calendar allows your members to have all the information about an event in one handy place.

Subscribe to Stay in the Loop

Your team members can subscribe to the team’s SwimTopia calendar to stay in the loop. All the events listed on your team’s schedule can be synced to your member’s phones, or wherever they manage all their family scheduling. 

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There are countless features about SwimTopia that make it awesome, but my favorite has to be the ease of sign ups: for meets, for volunteers, for parties or whatever your team needs. It’s all done in one place and it is extremely user-friendly!

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