Payment Processing

We Make it Easy For You to Get Paid

We give you flexible options when it comes to payment processing. Our secure payment system keeps your data safe and protected. There are no setup or maintenance fees. Phew.

Accept credit card payments
More flexible payment options: check or member number*
Securely accept all credit cards with Stripe
Per transaction processing fees, nothing extra

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*Features available to customers on our Premium tier

SwimTopia Premium
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Accept Credit Card Payments

All SwimTopia tiers can accept credit card payments through Stripe, making it easy for your team to collect your funds fast. 

More Flexible Payment Options: Check or Member Number
SwimTopia Premium

With SwimTopia Premium, it’s possible to select any or all of three payment options for registrations: credit card, check, or member number (handy for country clubs). Get all the benefits of online registration, but you have the flexibility to offer more payment options to your families.

Securely Accept Credit Cards with Stripe

Our Level 1 PCI compliant payment provider, Stripe, accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) and protects credit card information. Teams set up an account with Stripe, and funds are deposited directly into their accounts. To maximize security, all credit card information is transmitted directly to Stripe and is never stored in or transmitted through SwimTopia’s computer systems. Stripe makes checkout simple and easy. Parents and team members do not need to create an account with Stripe; they securely input their credit card details using a very simple form.

Per Transaction Processing Fees, Nothing Extra

It’s free for teams to set up Stripe accounts; there are no set-up costs and no monthly costs for payment processing. Credit card processing fees of 3.4% + 30c per transaction apply. All money passing through Stripe (less fees) ends up in your team’s Stripe account for easy transfer to your team’s bank account. Funds can be swept automatically to a team bank account on a daily basis.

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Setting up the payment processor – WePay – was very easy and took just minutes! Overall, you’re going to love SwimTopia, a born and bred Texas choice for your swim team!
Joe B.Sugar Land SharksHouston, TX