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Our free mobile app shows a personalized view of your family’s meet entries, volunteer signups and swim history. And now SwimTopia’s mobile app has some great features to help keep parents better informed on meet days, like our new live Event/Heat bar! And if your team is using Meet Maestro™, SwimTopia’s new meet management solution, you’ll have live meet results and more.

SwimTopia Mobile App Features
SwimTopia Live Features
Meet Maestro In-App Features

The SwimTopia mobile app is available to SwimTopia users and can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Event/Heat Board in your pocket

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Mobile app features

SwimTopia Mobile App Features

Your Team, Your Swimmers, Your Events!

Get an instant overview of the season, plus meet details and your swimmers’ full time history. SwimTopia’s mobile app features are available to all members of teams with a SwimTopia website. SwimTopia mobile app features include:

  • Personalized calendar view of upcoming meets and events
  • Personalized Meet Overview for your family (including swim events and volunteer jobs)
  • Your swimmers’ best times
  • Your swimmers’ time history

SwimTopia Live Features

Event/Heat Board in Your Pocket

Your team can access SwimTopia Live features in the mobile app when your team admins perform a few simple steps. SwimTopia Live features include:

  • Live Event/Heat bar on the mobile app for all your team members
    > Requires a team volunteer to broadcast the current event/heat from app
  • Live Event/Heat bar on the mobile app for the visiting team (if they also use SwimTopia)
    > Simply share a subscriber code with the visiting team
  • Plus more features coming soon!
    > Some future features may require a subscription


Like having an Event/Heat board in your pocket, SwimTopia Live is really handy if you can’t see the pool from your volunteer position or you want to time your arrival at the pool.

Event Heat Board in Your Pocket

For more team admin instructions on getting started with SwimTopia Live, visit:

SwimTopia Live Meet with results

Meet Maestro In-App Features

Live Results Updates and More

When used with Meet Maestro, the app displays additional information that’s updated live throughout the meet:

  • Heat sheets
  • Heat/lane assignments and estimated start times for each of your swimmers’ events on your family’s Meet Overview screen
  • Estimated start times for all events
    > Requires a team volunteer to broadcast the current event/heat from the app
  • Live results for all swimmers 
  • Team scores 


Some features may require a subscription in the future.

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For a busy swim team volunteer, it’s very helpful to have the SwimTopia mobile app available. It gives you heat results and scores in real time, and it also lets you easily track the progress of the meet so you know exactly when your kids’ next event is coming up.
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