Enabling SwimTopia Live is Easy!

SwimTopia's app is like having an Event/Heat board in your pocket. You’ll never miss another event!

If your team performs a few simple steps during a swim meet, the SwimTopia mobile app displays a live Event/Heat indicator for your team’s parents that have downloaded the app. If the visiting team also uses SwimTopia for team management their team members can also view the live indicator in the app once their team admin has “linked” to the meet. And if the meet is being run in Meet Maestro, and the “Public Meet Search” feature has been enabled by the home team admin, then spectators can see the live Event/Heat indicator by using the “Continue as Guest” method to access the app for that meet.

Users will know exactly which event and heat is in the water – which is really handy if you can’t see the pool from your volunteer position or you want to time your arrival at the pool.

If your team is using Meet Maestro™ to run your swim meets, with a Pro SwimTopia mobile app subscription*,  the mobile app displays heat sheets, estimated event start times, results, and scores. You can select favorite swimmers, receive alerts that they’re about to swim, and be notified of their results. If teams are using the live indicator to update what’s going on in the pool, estimated start times even update continuously throughout the meet. See other mobile app features available to Meet Maestro teams.

Enabling SwimTopia’s Live Event/Heat Bar For Your Team is Easy

Spread the Word

Be sure to tell your team members about SwimTopia’s free mobile app, available for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store. If you’re running the meet in Meet Maestro everyone can follow the action: the other team, grandparents, other family members, or friends. Anyone without a SwimTopia team login can follow along by clicking the “Continue as Guest” option after they download the app.

More Detailed Instructions

See our Help Center article for more detailed instructions on enabling the live Event/Heat indicator depending on the type of meet you’re running. It just takes a volunteer to update the current event and heat being swum with a tap on the app per heat. You can create a job for “Event/Heat Updater” in each swim meet and let team members sign up for one of the easiest jobs at the meet! If you’re running the meet in Meet Maestro with CTS Dolphin Wireless stopwatches (version 5 or above), or any of our other wireless timing systems, the live Event/Heat indicator will update automatically, no need for a volunteer.

Add a Job to each swim meet
Add a job to each swim meet

* SwimTopia’s Pro subscription costs $2.99/mo or $9.99/yr.

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