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SwimTopia Tips & Tricks: Embedding Videos

Embedding videos onto any page on your team’s SwimTopia website is quick and easy. Stroke tutorials, video introductions from your coaches or board, or quick training videos for your volunteers are great ways to add content that keeps your team engaged all year.

Step One: Select a video from YouTube or Vimeo to share with your team, or upload your own to one of these sharing sites.

Step Two: Copy the “embed code” (begins with <iframe) on the video’s page (click the Share button to find it). Create a new text snippet on your SwimTopia website, and paste the code into the HTML source editor and click Update. Give your video a title and you are done!

➞ For more detailed instructions, see our Embedding Videos tutorial on the SwimTopia support site.

Embedding videos is not the only content that’s easy to add to your SwimTopia site. Widgets for your Google calendar, weather forecasts, photo slideshows, page counters, surveys, Twitter, etc. can be added to your SwimTopia website by embedding a bit of code in the HTML of a Text Area snippet.

You can embed almost any “widget” code from another site as long as the widget supports https and doesn’t require the viewer to be signed in to view the content—i.e., the page the widget uses can’t be private because there’s no way for your SwimTopia site to know if a user is logged in to Flickr or what have you.

➞ For more detailed instructions, see our article on Embedding Widgets on the SwimTopia support site.