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Meet Maestro – Free Through July 31, 2021

Meet Maestro: Swim Meet Software You Can Get Excited About!

Summer is coming and our kids are excited to get back in the water. Meet Maestro is here to help you get them racing again. Meet Maestro, SwimTopia’s meet software, offers so much more than other meet management systems at an incomparable price—Meet Maestro accounts are FREE through July 31, 2021*! And Meet Maestro is included for free with every SwimTopia account, and will remain so after July 31. Easy to learn, able to run on any computer, compatible with other software and timing systems: Meet Maestro is the perfect way to run regular or virtual swim meets. 

2021 is looking up for swimmers. Vaccines are rolling out, we’ve learned a lot in the past year, many pools are open, swimmers are racing again. Excitement is growing within summer teams for a return to the water. However, many teams might be facing new challenges: they may have experienced turnover of meet volunteers, they may be in a tougher place financially, or they may have limited capacity for swim meets. Whatever your team’s situation, Meet Maestro is the answer to help get you racing again.

So Easy to Learn, Anyone Can Pick Up Meet Maestro

Meet Maestro was created first and foremost to be intuitive. The result is swim meet management software that is both easy to learn and a joy to use. Meet Maestro features a streamlined and modern user interface that saves time and all but eliminates the need for training. 

More Than Just Running Swim Meets

Meet Maestro redefines the traditional boundaries between “team” and “meet” swim software. Meet Maestro supports all the usual meet software functions like merging the meet, creating heat sheets, making scratches, entering DQs, integrating with timing systems, running ribbon labels and creating reports. But more than that, with a Meet Maestro account, you’ll also be able to manage and maintain your swimmers’ times history, create meet entries, use our one-click relay generator, and manage your records in new and exciting ways. 

Compatible With Existing Hardware and Software


  • Meet Maestro runs on Mac or PC operating systems. Volunteers can bring their laptops from home to help run the meet. 
  • Meet Maestro is compatible with Colorado Time Systems’ System 5/6 or Gen7 Touchpads, CTS Dolphin Wireless Stopwatches, or regular stopwatches. And more timing system integrations are coming soon. By working with teams’ existing timing methods, Meet Maestro eliminates the need to buy an expensive new timing system or app.


  • Meet Maestro is compatible with all other swim meet software. You can upload or create .EV3 files, and Meet Maestro accepts entries and is able to provide results after the meet in the common file types (.HY3, .SD3). 

More Excitement with Virtual Meets and Live Results

Invite other teams to create a free Meet Maestro account and link with them to run a virtual or regular meet. Meet Maestro is the only meet software that allows teams to run live head-to-head virtual swim meets, all from the comfort and safety of their own home pools, with results posted as soon as results for each swim event are entered. Meet Maestro can accommodate any pool configuration—even if each pool is a different length or has a different number of lanes!

SwimTopia’s companion mobile app helps keep parents and fans in the loop, especially if they’ll be outside of the immediate pool area. With a Pro subscription, you can receive updates on which event and heat is being swum, estimated start times for events, swim reminders so you’ll never miss a swim again, and live results notifications for your favorite swimmers.

If your team already uses SwimTopia for team management, Meet Maestro is included with your SwimTopia subscription, no need for a separate Meet Maestro account. If you’re excited to try Meet Maestro for FREE through July 31, 2021*, you can open a Meet Maestro account and get started right away.

*In August of 2021 we’ll begin charging $150 per team/per year for Meet Maestro accounts, however, Meet Maestro will remain included in the price of SwimTopia.

Other Resources to Help You Have A Great Season:

If you’re not sure if your swimming pool will be open this summer, make sure your voice is being heard with decision makers today (at the City or HOA level, etc.). Check out the Aquatics Coalition’s advocacy toolkit for more information.

If you need help planning your COVID-safe season, SwimTopia has many resources available. Check out our blog on Planning a Safe Swim Season in 2021 for more information, including planning checklists and links to USA Swimming resources.