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Swimmer Gifts for the Holiday Season – 2019

Need Ideas for the Swimmer in Your Life this Holiday Season?

It’s about time to think about the Holidays!! Check out our ideas for swimmer gifts this Holiday Season to keep your swimmers happy. We’ve compiled this list of gifts for the swimmers in your life, from stocking stuffers to bigger-ticket items. For more details or to purchase an item, click on its heading or photo below.

Swimmer Gifts for the Holiday Season – 2019

Swimmer Gifts Glass Blown OrnamentGlass Blown Swim Fins Ornament $10.06

This Old World Christmas Glass Blown Swim Flippers Ornament is perfect for the swimmer’s tree. The same company also makes a little swimmer ornament.


Swimmer Gifts swim soapSwimmer’s Soap by Newton Bay $13.97

Ultra moisturizing aloe vera soap feels incredible after a pool session on your skin and body. Wash away chlorine and other chemicals to revitalize your body with this sensitive skin formula.


Swimmer Gift Swish Card GameThinkFun Swish – A Fun Transparent Card Game $13.99

Swish is a transparent card game that comes with 60 challenges of increasing difficulty, from beginner to expert. Swish is one of the best gifts you can buy for kids who like smart games and a challenge. And the cards are waterproof!


Swimmer Gift Droplet BagMatador Droplet Bag $14.99

When you’re dealing with wet swimsuits, the Droplet is here to help. This waterproof bag is stored in a compact case that fits on a keychain, so you have it when you need it. The Droplet is reusable and can keep the wet in or out, depending on your needs. Great for wet swimsuits after swim practice or meets.


Swimmer Gifts Watermelon BallNeutrally Buoyant Water Ball $19.95

For your next swimming pool game, toss around a Watermelon… Ball. Modeled after a real-life watermelon, this rubber ball can be dribbled, kicked, passed, and bounced—all under water. Fill it up with water and a little bit of air to make it neutrally buoyant—its density will match that of the surrounding water, so it doesn’t sink or float. Instead, it stays suspended in the H2O.


Swimmer Gifts Snappy TowelSnappy Towel $19.99

Finally, a microfiber towel that feels good to use! Snappy Towels® are made of a premium waffle weave microfiber fabric that has all the absorbency and quick-dry capability of microfiber, but feels similar to a Turkish towel. You can feel the difference! Your days of bulky, heavy cotton towels are over.


Swimmer Gifts Mesh BagTYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack III $19.99

The convenient TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack III is the perfect choice for hauling swim gear to and from the pool.


Swimmer Gifts Swimming Pool SocksSwimming Pool Socks $17.95

What true swim fan would not want a pair of these socks?


Swimmer Gifts FINIS PaddleFinis Agility Paddle $21.99

The FINIS Agility Paddles strapless design effortlessly teaches swimmers the correct palm positive position for every stroke. Plus there are no uncomfortable straps to perish or break!


Swimmer Water BottleSwim-Themed Water Bottle $24.95 (pictured)

Swimmers get dehydrated too. Favorite swimmer-to-swimmer gift exchange idea: water bottle full of candy… The link gives you lots of different options.


Jolyn Swim SuitGirls’ Jolyn Swimsuits $60.00 (pictured)

If you’re looking for a suit that’s on-trend for your swimmer, look no further than Jolyn. Known for their beautiful colors, fun prints, and especially their durability— Jolyn suits resist fading and stretching. The Jolyn site also has a link to “Holiday Gifts,” for fun water bottles, stickers and more.


Swimmer Gifts Funky TrunksBoys’ Funky Trunks $33.95 (pictured)

Boys enjoy the fun prints and bright colors of Funky Trunks. Click through to the “Accessories” page for more stocking stuffers for swimmers, like caps and kickboards.


Swimmer Gifts Tri-Swim BagTRISWIM Mega Gift Set $80.00

Indulge your swimmer with a wonderful array of products created by the brand TriSwim: with anti-fog towlettes and chlorine-eliminating shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer.


Swimmer Gifts Olympus waterproof cameraOlympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera $399.00

A big-ticket item for the budding photographer swimmer – to capture some fun, underwater moments.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to Swimmer Gifts for the 2019 Holiday Season. You can also browse past Holiday Gift Guides (and see other gear and swimmer tips).  

Happy Holidays to all from SwimTopia!