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Team Topia for Non-Swim Teams: referrals and more!

SwimTopia has long been a player in the summer swim world. Combined with Meet Maestro, our swim meet management software, SwimTopia’s comprehensive package of team management features covers your bases. From registration to communications to volunteer organization, there isn’t much SwimTopia can’t do for summer swim teams. Recently, SwimTopia has started to make its way […]

Team Topia Taking Shape

Team Topia Inc. was established in 2011 with a goal of providing simplified sports team management software for all sports. However, the first stop for Founder and CEO Mason Hale, was the swim market. He wanted to solve his own headaches as the computer volunteer for his kids’ summer swim team. SwimTopia was Team Topia’s […]

Coach Certifications: Level up the Summer Swim Experience

Youth sports are indisputably an optimal way to kickstart a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. Sport participation helps develop time-management, work ethic, socialization,  goal-setting, and a strong, well-adapted body. In particular, swimming enables visualization of long- and short-term goals, development of body awareness, refining of mental toughness, and strengthening of commitment. Further, swimming can be […]